"La Z" 🌄 A natural lookout!

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Hello there, humans and not so humans who enjoy steemit, welcome back!

During 2015 I climbed a couple of times to the lookout known as La Z, it is probably the most accessible natural trail from the city of San Cristóbal, it has at least three routes through which you can ascend, all with different difficulty, the First time I did the most difficult route called "La Pared" / “The Wall” and the second time I went we took the simplest route that is located on the right side of the mountain.

First time

Second time

Through all the way there is no shade so on sunny days it is advisable to wear a cap, sun protection and to carry good hydration with you.

At that time, we took a minibus to the Pyrenees II, the part of the city that is right next to the mountain, our stop was at the Quinimari traffic lights and from there we walked up the road to the base of the mountain where the trekking really began, I currently have no idea how is the transport workingn in the zone, because I have not been visiting for a while now.

The last few times I climbed El Chimborazo (its official name) was to visit the freshwater wells that are in their skirts, and of course, this is a story I will tell you all about pretty soon!

I am impressed because when I started writing this post I realized that each and every one of my friends that I went up with in that year are now living in other countries due to different reasons.

Even tho sometimes I forget about it, I really miss the people who have left, I hope they know it, however I am very happy that they are out there taking advantage of the opportunities that they themselves have forged with their work.

To know more details about this short route do not hesitate to ask me.

If you want to find out more about my travels, feel free to check out my profiles on...

Thanks a lot for your time here!

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