Yukon Landscape

in #travel3 years ago

From Kluane National Park with icefields through Miles Canyon where we saw a grizzly bear to Takhini hot springs - nature in Yukon is amazing. But as much as I love nature, it's actually freshness of air and blue sky that I remember the most from this trip.





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These pictures are literally reflecting as clouds are hugging the lands and specially i liked the first picture where it's reflecting as clouds and mountains are about to hug each other. And all these pictures are reflecting one more common thing and that is beautiful and pleasant day. Thanks for sharing this post with beautiful and breathtaking view. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I have seen in all your photographs that blue sky so beautiful, like not forgetting that intense blue

It is impressive to see such excellent shots, with those stretches of ice that enhance the beauty of those hillsides, accompanied by that pragmatic blue that invites us to enjoy a fresh breeze and breathe fresh air. It is a delight to share your beautiful landscapes with your followers. greetings @penticton

Hermoso lugar el parque nacional kluane este es un parque canadiense esta situado en territorios yukon este parque incluye las mas altas montañas de canada tiene glaciares hermosos muy buena tus fotografías este parque es muy grandioso

Wow great shots! When did you take this pictures in fall? I love Canada for this big space!

Really nice landscape there in Yukon...

They are magnificent photographs, I am struck by the deep blue that reflects the sky in the shots, and the truly spectacular landscape, that bless you so great you have to be able to visit this type of landscape in which you surely replenish your entire being with energy. A hug and thank you for sharing.

Oh wow @penticon. What incredible skies. Great photos. 😊

Hello Friend how are you? in these photos I am delighted with the blue of the sky, the place is really beautiful, in each publication I have been getting to know beautiful places.

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