@polebird: Hello Santorini! 😍

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Its always been a dream of mine to visit picturesque Santornini and I’m so excited to have made it! It is beautiful here in Santorini, Greece! The views from the cliff side are incredible and the water is so blue. Rooftop sun tanning and pools are in abundance here.


There is much to explore while walking around the little towns. I love all the charming architecture and pink bougainvillea flowers.




All those blue hues!


Thanks for stopping by my friends, more to come later. 💕




WOW, a great place!

Wow, the area is really blue.

Is it blue all year round or some season of the year?

I think the water is always blue depending on the sunlight the buildings are mostly white lol maybe the white balance is a bit odd 😝


OK, you guys are really having a good time out.

Aww, your pictures remind​s me Mamma Mia2!! Beautiful views beautiful lady 😉

Thank you!! Hehe yeah I just watched that movie 😁

Greece is amazing beautiful scenery, perfect weather and an extremely interesting history. awesome photos!

Thank you!! Yes I’m loving it here ❤️

Oh my god, this looks beautiful. Santorini, on my bucketlist you go!

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Enjoy it!

Thank you!!! So many cute cats here hanging around 😁

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