@polebird: Incredible scenery of Iceland from bird’s-eye-view

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Hi my Steemit friends! During my recent travels, we made our way to the incredible volcanic island of Iceland. Iceland is truly a place for adventure and nature lovers to see, and I was lucky to be able to go on a one week road trip around most of the island on the Ring Road. The volcanic systems (quite a few which are active) makes way for some extereme scenery and I was very excited to fly my drone (Mavic Pro) for the first time on vacation! I have lugged my drone and accessories on a few other trips, but usually weather or technical issues got the best of me, so I didn’t actually get to fly it LOL.

So without further ado, here are some of the captures from bird’s -eye-view (or more specifically, a polebird’s eye-view :D)


I wanted to share with you all some beautiful views that I captured from my drone in Iceland. The weather in Iceland is pretty crazy, so on some of the less windy moments I was able to pull out my drone in some of these areas.


Did you know Iceland is a land of waterfalls? I had no idea, before I started research for our trip. This is one of the “secret” falls aka foss that we stumbled upon when we took a mountain pass road across the island.


This is Namafjall, Hverir near Myvatn lake. I thought I was on a different planet! It is pretty smelly Geothermal area with little bubbling mud pots. The view from above was pretty cool, in my opinion!


And because we were there in Iceland in September, it was fall time. The beautiful autumn colors were plentiful near Lake Myvatn.


I am in process of making a video to put together more of the footage and more in-depth blogs about some of the sites that I visited, and I’m looking forward to share it with you all! What do you think of the scenery in Iceland? Isn’t it out of this world?!



Heeeey my friend!!! How are you? I've been away for a while and haven't keeping up on stuff. Looks like you're doing great with lost of travels and drones :)

hellooo!! i've been a little bit busy too so I definitely understand!! :) hope everything is good with you!

Things weren't that great in the past few months, that's why I was away. But now I'm feeling better :). You seem to be doing alright

Those are some really pro landscape shots... Beautiful :)

Thank you Xabi! Trying my best a noob drone pilot 😂😁

Stunning views you've captured! I can only imagine how fantastic it was in person. Yay for traveling! It's good to see you back around here 😁

Thank you my friend!! Hope you have been well :) Iceland really is a beautiful island!!

@polebird, Yes it's reflecting as an Different World and in my opinion you are really blessed to visit these kind of places and in my opinion these Islands are just breathtaking to watch and anything will be less to say. Thank you for sharing these kind of wonderful pictures with us.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you for your endless support @chireerocks! Glad you liked the photography.. more to come :) I do feel lucky to have been on such a trip!

Welcome and have a great time ahead. 🙂

The landscape is so beautiful. Good you have shared this. The beauty of nature is so incomparable. Thanks @polebird

Thank you my friend!! :) Nature has endless amazing things to share with us!


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