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Visiting my wife's family in Long Thanh, Vietnam

First of all, Happy New Year everyone. May the year of the bring you health and success.

With my wife and kid and my parents, we went to Long Thanh, Vietnam paying visit to my wife's family.

It's Lunar New Year period so things are hectic, especially because my wife's brother and his wife have opened An Nhien Vegan House and have to prepare a lot of take-away dishes for the customers.

An Nhien Vegan House

We have been giving them a hand with various little things around the place. It's crazy how much work is involved in some Vietnamese dishes. For instance, in the photo below, I was spending hours with other kids peeling scallion heads in order to pickle them later on.

Peeling scallion heads

I also practiced cutting coconuts open for drinking their lovely water. Drinking fresh coconut water is such a pleasure.

Cutting through the coconut coir

Breaking the coconut shell to insert a straw

This morning, the whole family was preparing Bánh Tét, a sticky rice and mung bean cake that is a traditional Lunar New Year dish. My mum was cutting sections of banana leaves for me to wipe them clean, then two of my sisters-in-law were wrapping the sticky rice and mung bean inside the banana leaves. My wife, her mum and brother were then finalising the packaging by tying cake with strings made of bamboo skins.

The cakes are still cooking since about mid-day and will be there until probably tomorrow.

Preparing Bánh Tét

After lunch, I went showering the family dog who's in charge of guarding the house at night. Apparently, he didn't mind me and my son and was happily letting me wash him.

Washing the family dog

It's great to see everyone again, last time I saw them was about 6 years ago and all the kids have grown up into teenagers now. Things have changed a lot and for the good so it's awesome.

We are soon to go back to Australia and will be missing everyone a lot.


wow, this is a wonderful family working together way to prepare dinner. I love it.

Yes, wonderful family quality time

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Về VN rồi hả anh

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Anh đang ở Long Thành, mùng 9 về Úc

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Gotta love the family gatherings XD And all that stuff looks so familiar (because Asian but not specifically Thai in my case) aaahhh I'm kinda homesick XD

Where are you originally from?

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Christmas Island (the one with all the crabs, and the detention centre -_-). It's actually an Australian territory, most of the population is Asian.

Ah I know Christmas Island. I had to work on getting the internet IP address of the island whitelisted to allow them access to SBS On Demand streaming services

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Pfft yep sounds like something that would have had to happen XD

I want to say happy lunar new year to you and thank you so much for all thing you make for VietNam Steemian Social. I hope you and your family will be happy and many healthy in the new year.

Happy Lunar New Year to you too.

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Sitting on the floor helping each other make some food is totally basic Thai style :D Epic dog wash picccc. Now I miss Asia, bosssss

... sitting on the floor right next to a bunch of chairs.

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Lol not quite enough for 8 people that's why :D

The chairs are for the dining table. There more surface area on the floor for prepping this sticky rice cake which requires a lot of space due to all the material involved

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Thai, Lao, Vietnam have many cultural aspects in common and I have been exposed to both of them, being Vietnamese born in Lao with family members marrying Thai.

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Lovely to see you have a lovely family I must say


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