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RE: My Never Ending Journey Across The World - Episode 8: My Last Days In Vietnam

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Your stories of traveling Vietnam are great. Do you think you will go back and teach english at that school? Your photos are great. I am a big fan of old temples surrounded by jungle. I also really like that concrete dragon dome overlooking the water. Do you know the story behind that structure?


Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to me! :)

I don't think I will go back to that school, but the idea of teaching in Vietnam is still something I might consider.

There are so many temples here in SE Asia. Have you been before?

The dragon was part of this old theme park that used to operate just outside of Hue. It was a waterpark that had a number of fish and water animals. I only posted one picture from there, but maybe I'll do another post just on the park one day. Anyway, the waterpark only lasted a couple years before it was shutdown and now it acts as a sightseeing destination for people with a little inside knowledge of the area. I was brought there by the students of the class and given a brief history.

Inside the dragon it was really cool and the amount of detail they used was astonishing; initially you would walk in and it would look as if you were inside the dragon. You could see the spine running throughout the entirety of the beast flowing down the stairs and into a nook going towards the toilet. Around the back there was an area with, now smashed, fish tanks which used to have various different fish for people to look at.

Once upstairs you could walk to the opening of the mouth that overlooked the river that ran through the park and towards the main attraction that was where they had bigger animals doing tricks and shows in the now rundown theater.

Unfortunately I went last month to check it out again, but it was closed for construction! I wonder what in the hell they are doing to it now. Hopefully they aren't going to reopen it.

That sounds super cool! I look forward to your post about this waterpark. Wouldn't it be super rad to be on the design team for a project like this? Yes I traveled through parts of Thailand & Indonesia in 2008; and South Korea back in 2006. Totally temple heaven. I would love to spend at least a year living in SE Asian temples.