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Although small in size, there are many places to visit in Bangladesh Sea, mountains, architecture - all tourist attractions are in Bangladesh Here are five popular travelling placess .

Saintmartin's Island.




Saintmartin's is the only coral island in Bangladesh Locally known as Coconut Gingira. The island is located 5 km from Teknaf.

About 5 square kilometers long, the island's charm is surrounded by beaches of coconut coconut, coral reefs in the plains, the enchanting beauty of the blue waters of the ocean.

This small island has a diversity of 5 From north to south and east to west, beauty is everywhere.

For example, fishermen fishing in tides on the north coast, sarisari coconut garden on the west coast.

Blue sea 1 with dead coral along the east and south sides There is no such sea of ​​blue water anywhere in Bangladesh.

Cox's Bazaar



Cox's Bazar, the world's longest beach The newest addition is the longest Marine Drive So, Cox's Bazaar is more enjoyable on the go .

The main attraction of Cox's Bazar is the beach From the city to Marine Drive to Teknaf, there are several beautiful beaches Besides Labani and Sugandha beaches in Cox's Bazar, Marine Drive has Himachari, Inani, Shamalpur, Hajampara and Teknaf. Each of these beaches is a repository of diversity .

From Dhaka you can go directly to Cox's Bazar by road and sky.



Bandarban is one of the three hill districts Here are all beautiful places to visit.

On one side of the city of Bandarban is the house of the King of Bomang The descendants of the King of Bomang now live in this house The Sangu River flows along the Bandarban town.

The rock falls about eight kilometers from Bandarban town, There is a shower here The mobile market of local indigenous peoples along the rocky slopes is worth a visit Sheets made of mattress and hill fruits are available in this market.

The Chibumbu Mountains are 3 km away from the rockfall Nilgiri is one of the most popular tourist destinations, about 12 km from Bandarban city. The view from the tourist center, which is 2,220 feet above sea level, is similar to the pictures.




Rangamati is another district of Chittagong Hill Tracts filled with natural beauty There are tribal museums in the district The museum does not have a clue to get an idea of ​​the agriculture, culture and history of the district.

Near it is the shrine of Buddhist pilgrims, Rajbnavihar Various ceremonies of Buddhists are held here regularly Chakma King's house is located on a small island near Kaptai near Rajbnabihar.

On the bank of the river Kaptai at the end of Rangamati city, there are two very busy reserve markets and Tabalchari bazaar. In both markets, the population of indigenous people is higher.

The tourist complex 1 is about one and a half kilometers further away from Tabalchhari Apart from the motel of the Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, there is a hanging bridge inside it.

The most popular tourist destination of Rangamati is Sajek The place is located in Rangamati district but the transportation facilities are from Khagrachari Hill District. The distance from there to Sajek is about 5 km Sazek is one of the most popular travel destinations in Bangladesh at present The location of the place is in Baghaichhari upazila of Rangamati district Many called it the roof of the Rangamati because the whole Rangamati is visible from the hills of Sajek.




The highest tea garden in Bangladesh is in Maulvi Bazar district And Shrimangale is the largest tea garden in this district Lauachara National Park filled with biodiversity is also on the side of Srimangal.

There are several beautiful tea gardens in Srimangal While traveling around the place you will see only tea garden and tea garden View any garden you want with the permission of the authorities.

There is a Thali area on the border of Shrimangal with the honor of the hero of the best Hamidur Rahman. And Madhabpur Lake in Kamalaganj is also a very close place from Srimangal.

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