Friends Love Logic

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Mind 6

I might see black,
Still you got better.
You may be very rich,
Which I can not be a day
Even if I am good bus,
From the reservoir you
Dibo happiness light

Mind 7

Time goes on,
How many smiles
Life goes away
Sadness in pain ...
Dreams come secretly,
Imagine ...
Sit down silently
Just waiting for you!

Mind 8

When someone cries,
That is: Emotions
When someone shudders,
That is fraud.
And when someone shout someone else himself
That is love: love.

Mind 9

You do not have to say
The moon does not laugh at night.
You do not have to say
Flowers are not frozen.
You do not have to say
The dawn does not call the birds.
You do not have to say
Do not like something alone
Mind 10

False love
Like clay dolls,
A few injuries were broken.
But authentic love
It's like water, which is
Hundreds of injuries
After that the match again.

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