Waltzing Flamingo

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I seen bears dance and parrots to but I had no idea that Flamingos could waltz. One of the feature attractions at the Bahama Zoo is the dancing Flamingos.


These unique and very pretty birds are also very smart and can retain information very well. The trainers at the zoo spend days selecting the right birds and then training them for the shows. These particular Flamingos are unique to the Bahamas and their population was in steady decline for a number of years however they are now no longer threatened.


I have some pretty strong feeling about animals in captivity however these birds are part of the Ardastra Gardens & Zoo in Nassau, which is both a nature conservatory and zoo. They have a decent track record to helping injured animals and education but still house non indigenous animals which is disappointing.



If you are in Nassau, heading to the gardens is a fun experience if you have never seen some of the more unique animals that reside in the Caribbean. Education is important and the Flamingo so is pretty fun.


Thanks for reading and have a good Monday.


For more images and stories - http://www.scottstevensonphotography.ca/


Growing up in South Florida, there was a time that Flamingos were local, but then they all disappeared. We still had a nice little population at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. A few years ago, this horrible man went to the fun park, and was wathving the pink flamingos dance. He went into the cage, grabbed one, and killed it, for no reason. Here is a news brief on how the man is not going to stand trial, so sad:


nice pix

Beautiful birds in their own way; I would love to see them dancing - I didn't know they were so trainable. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow..awesome catch sir. I love the color.
What a beautiful animal..

nice shot brother @scottdphoto

this is really a sharp picture
I like it very much

This is a very nice experience any man would want to have

This is a very
Nice experience any
Man would want to have

                 - tobah

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Those are very beautiful animals the color is amazing. I want to see them in the wilderness some day..

So beautiful birds with amazing colors, great pictures, thanks for sharing.😀👍🏻

Animal photography colorchallenge beautiful