Travels Through Morocco - Marrakesh, Part Two

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The aromas, the sounds, the sights. Marrakesh is guaranteed make your head spin.

One of the main attractions of Marrakesh is Jemaa el-Fna Square, situated in the heart of Marrakesh's medina. During the day, this imposing and brilliant area is full of people as far as the eye can see. The square is totally filled with fruit sellers, performers, animals, snake charmers, public speakers, spice stands, merchants, and so much more I can't even begin to describe it.

As the day draws to the a close and night draws near, the snake charmers and animal performers slowly depart and the dancers, acrobats, musicians and food stalls begin to slowly appear. Close to a hundred food stalls at any given time are open to tourists and locals alike, with chefs shouting at you from all directions demanding that you eat at their place. The square suddenly becomes a hazy mist of noise and scents that you simply can't ignore as you trawl from food tent to food tent in the hope of securing a decent meal.

As evening time ends and the families turn in for the night, the music blares louder and louder, with hordes of people beginning to form around the music. Massive crowds of people are simply dancing, singing and having an amazing time. This is why Marrakesh was my favourite city in Morocco. The festivities went on until the early hours of the morning. No alcohol was to be seen, and I didn't feel unsafe. All there was was lots of dancing, laughter, stories told and pure merriment.

And this all starts again at the crack of dawn. I love Marrakesh.

Jemaa el-Fna Square - Marrakesh, Morocco






🌏 | Marrakesh, Morocco
📷 | Samsung S8
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Over the next few weeks I'll be trekking through Morocco and I'll be share with you my thoughts, feelings, tips and warnings about visiting each place along the way. Being a photographer, I will be doing this while sharing my photos with all of you too! I sincerely hope you all enjoy.

Please do follow if you want to keep up with my travel through this country <3

Any upvotes or resteems are hugely appreciated! Much love, everybody.


Great post congrats

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Such stunning captures, I can absolutely get the essence of these wonderful shots. The words as described about the place so very well, truly gel with the shots. Seems like one gala event for the general public with lots n lots in store for everyone, whosoever is visiting there. All shots are great, infact, pic 2 describes that all.

wonderful times.. ..

Can't wait to go there and check it out. Have fun travelling. Go visit the Atlas mountains too!

Heading to the Atlas Mountains soon :D Will keep you posted!

This place seems to be nice, anyways nice shots :)

Wow great bloging keep it up

Thanks very much, appreciate it.

Amazing sir..... owsome photography
And enjoy sir

Thanks friend! Glad you enjoyed it.

Lovely, I am from Casablanca and I have simply not gone enough times to Marrakesh. You should try the night life too! Probably the best in all Africa!

I haven't tried the nightlife yet, all I know is the square! I heard there are clubs there, but is alcohol allowed?? Omg Casablanca I wanna visit! How is it like to live there? @projenix

Hey it's a really nice city i have been twice!

It really is!

Marrakech is so lovely, I've visited there a couple of years ago too, the only thing is that we went in January so it was very cold, even inside the houses. We loved the square thou, had some yummy escargots there :)
Hope you have a great time there!

I can imagine January is cold. Especially when its raining, it can really drop the temperature down! Glad you enjoyed your trip there, and thanks so much Peter :)

Great post!! Keep it up👌👍

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These are beautiful! Marrakesh is gorgeous city with some wonderful culture!

Thanks so much, I really appeciate it. It really is, wish I could spend longer here.

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Good photography
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what a wonderful place to be

Its a gorgeous city, believe me.

Great post, I really liked it! I always wanted to travel to Morroco, even that it's near by but never had the chance to go there. I will one day I hope :) Good luck again pal.

How near is it? Definitely have a go if you do get the chance, you shan't regret it!

Beautifull post

thank you very much

I have recently traveled to Marrakesh myself and I've gotta say you capture it perfectly!

Please follow me.

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Lovely Morocco

Your capture so good and This place is Very nice I have interested to Travelling this place
Thank you for give the nice pictures 😊

If you ever do I hope you have an amazing time!

are you safe in that country?

You are generally. Keep your wits about you, and never go alone at night in the streets. Trust me.

Wow. That's amazing. I am travelling as well and love the individual way to get in touch with the local people.

Absolutely. Watch yourself travelling alone but most people are nice.

I can't wait to go back to Morocco to be able to do this. I heard the markets in Marrakesh are amazing. Your photos are great.

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Amazing photos I like it

Amazing photos and very interesting article. By seeing your post, I feel like you have a real talent to capture the beauty and spirit of the places you visit. I've never been to Marrakesh but your article and photos tell me to visit ASAP. Please keep it up!
I look forward to see other countries and cities through your eyes and writing skills.

Many more countries to come, I'm glad you enjoyed!!

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Like to see this country so much, heard a lot. And great photography by the way. Thanks.
P.S: Come to Iran, and contact me if you did.

It looks like you had great time in Marrakesh! Would you like to return again in Marrakesh?

absolutely! Are you offering? :P

Why not :-)

damn some good snaps!

So Beutifull face I like it

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Nice pictures... Africa is beautiful, come all you yankee, let’s enjoy and explore together...

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#Thoughtful... Nice photographs

That's amazing that you visit some place and understand deeply about it. I like the way you described it thoroughly with images.

Debe ser lindo Marruecos! =)

Fantastic. I've always wanted to travel to Morocco. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures

Cool. Are the gatherings a daily thing or was this a special event?

Daily thing! If its warm enough I guess and the weather is good.

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