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Memorable Summer Vacation

Spending time and creating great moments with your trusted friends are not waste of money but rather enduring moments in life that are worth remembering.

Sometimes we tend to spend our leisure time alone for us to find ourselves and to also have peace of mind. But summer is suppose to be fun, laughter and memories. In accordance to this post, I'm about to share this memorable experience together with my bunch of friends in our summer get away at San Fernando, Cebu Top Hills.


San Fernando, Cebu Top Hills.

San Fernando is one of the Provinces of Cebu that is known for its abundance in tourist destinations. Other way around it is also known for having different mountain sites for camping and hiking adventure. One of the best swimming pools in this place is the Top Hills located at the toughest part of the Province. It is consist of 2 wide swimming pools with cottages that surround it.

Basic Commodities:

  • Comfort Room
  • Cottages
  • Slides
  • Video/ Resto Bar
  • Swimming Pool
  • Shower
  • The comfort room is just a meter away from the pool; intended only for costumers and visitors.
  • Cottages are in fixed value. They all have the same sizes with the same price (Php 300.00).
  • It has an entrance fee of Php 50.00 per person. It is not a waste of money because you truly can have your enjoyable stay in this place.
  • For visitors who want to have moment with barkadas like karaoke, drinking and other leisure activity, they also own a small resto bar located beside the swimming pool.

Travel Outlines:


If we will be basing from the City of Cebu, we will start our travel at South Bus Terminal that is located at the back of Elizabeth Mall. In this terminal, series buses there are bound for different places of the Southern part of Cebu. Fair varies to which place you desire to go. Since, we will be delving our way to San Fernando, rate of the fair is from Php 25.00 to Php 30.00 only. San Fernando is just 2 hours away from the terminal depending on the condition of the traffic. Once you arrived at San Fernando, you will ride in a motorcycle that is bound to Top Hills. The rate of the motorcycle (Habal-Habal) is from Php 50.00 to Php 80.00. You will be immediately directed to the gate of the Top Hills. The road going there is expected to be bumpy and rocky due to unfinished repairing of the way so be cautious.
It is better to ask for the number of the driver you rode with because there are NO ways of transportaion around the Resort. The best thing to do is to bring your own car to have less hussle or else just ask for the number of the driver you rode with so that you would be able to call him if you want to go home already.


Before going there, be sure to prepare with you your foods because the stores are too far from the Resort. No worries because there is no fee for the food you bring so make the most out of it.


Always bring with you the important things in your adventure getaway especially your cellphones, camera, money, swimming attire and other things you need. They don't provide anything other than the Resort itself.


The Resort is far from the City so expected that bushes and green sceneries are the only present around the area. It is better to be cautious for we do not know if anyone or anything will harm us. In the Resort, no one is oblige to keep your things safe so always keep an eye on your valuables and never leave them unattended.

My Summer Adventure

Summer is almost over but I have not been with my friends so we planned to have an outing yesterday. We know this place because one of my closest friends is residing at San Fernando. He was the one who guided us here to celebrate summer.

Everyone has their own designated task and things to bring. Since I am good at making Chili-Con-Carne then my task was to make plenty of it.


Some of my friends slept at my house because we need to start the travel at dawn and they care about me going out alone. They helped me cook the food that was appointed to me.
It was 7:30 a.m. when we arrived at the South Bus Terminal. The four of us waited for the others to come. We then gathered and had our way immediately because we were truly excited already. It took more than 2 hours before we arrived in San Fernando because of the heavy traffic. After our arrival, we rode habal-habal (motorcycle) on our way to Top Hills. From that moment we then encountered adventure yet scary because of the rocky and bumpy road. It took exactly 6 km to be there.

We arrived at San Fernando, Cebu Top Hills after 25 minutes. I looked around the area and took photos while they were busy in choosing our cottage.


They decided to choose the one that is just beside the pool for us to guard our things easily. We were the only ones in the Resort that time because it was still early so we took all the oppurtunities to accommodate ourselves with the place before it becomes crowded.


The water was so clear. You can see the blue feature of the pool. It is a wide range pool for costumers to have fun in swimming. I never expected like this kind of awesome place.


Before we have our swimming, I told my boyfriend to join me and have sight seeing in the place as well as took beautiful photos. We took all the oppurtunity to have fun and enjoy every moment of the day.


We saw beautiful scape of the mountain scenes. The panaromic view of the hills are very entertaining. We didn't ley the time pass so we took some picture and seize the mesmirizing view.

Green Hills

It's swimming time


After capturing the panaromic place, we then went back to our cottage and change our suit for swimming. I was so excited to feel the cold breeze of the pool. I don't really know how to swim because I easily lost my breath but it was darn fun. Anyways, my friends were already enjoying and I can really see in their faces the happiness I expected from this summer outing.


The foods we prepared were: Pancit, Chilicon Carne, Rice, Roasted Chicken and some junkfoods. Ofcourse, as s Fillipino tradition every celebration, Pancit will never be gone. It is somewhat like the symbol of long lasting life. One of the best recipe I made was the chilicon carne. It is made up of spicy chili filled with pork meat. And rice will never be forgotten! Every meal, a Filipino stomach will never get full when there is no rice at all.


After eating, we took some photos at the pool. Then I decided to have a game to. We played tag-of-war together but it is so sad that I am the tagged one, they were really tough everytime I catch them since they are good at swimming.
We enjoyed playing and swimming in the pool. It was so happened that there were no other people aside from us. It felt like the whole resort was allocated for us only. Hahaha.

When our friends were drinking liquor, my boyfriend and I desided to sit beside the pool and shared what happened to those day we were not together and stuffs like that. Then we took pictures.

Beside the Pool


Heart-shaped Hands


After the 6 hours of staying in the place, we decided to go home at exactly 4:00 pm. As what we have heared, there are no more motorcycles that park in the place. So inorder to have our way and not be caught by night we have our hike as early as possible even of it was still hot.


It is a 6-kilometer walk before arriving to the highway. At first we were enjoying the beautfiul view from the top of the mountain. I alalways love green sceneries and hiking complemented my love for it. But little by little it gets tired. My legs are trembling since before we started the hike because we swam for hours.


We were too tired and still it's a long way to go but we took some time to get some rest and look what we saw! We witnessed the beautiful city scape!


City view from the mountain top


After some time we continued walking because it is dangerous when it gets dark. It took hours hiking all the way from the resort to the highway. While walking, my trembling feet got worse and it was already dark. It was fun and scary at the same time because since it is dark already some other people might have done something bad to us but it seems like a great adventure. It is not advisable to walk in a dark road that far but being with crazy friends is fun.

Thanks God nothing bad happened to us.
When we arrived at the highway we waited for a series bus that would go back to the city. We waited half of an hour before we found a series bus because it was so traffic and the buses were already full of passengers.

Summing up all the moments we had, I can totally say it was really an unforgettable adventure. Enjoying with friends, mesmirizing the place as well as witnessing beautiful features made the day great. I hope soon we will have the same chance to get along together again.

It is more fun in the Philippines!

this is @sissyjill at your service 😉


Nice place who have been

Wow, all of you are looking awesome.Seems that you had enjoyed a lot.Thanks for sharing with us mam.

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Beautiful place mam.
Thanks for sharing.

Wooooow! That’s a beautiful place! Omg! I love to go there.

Travel in the company of friends to such beautiful places makes life to be fully enjoyed

Waoooooooooo, had a great time;) @sissyjill
You're right, one of the most beautiful things in life is sharing as beautiful adventures with our friends;)
You have a very beautiful country, thank you for sharing these cool photos with us;)
A big hug from Venezuela.
I hope you share other of your adventures soon, greetings to your friends too;)

This blog was really helpful. Me and my friend was so bored and decided to go on a spontaneous trip a little bit south. Luckily, this blog popped up. 👍