Surroundings of Naeso-sa temple

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The most prominent point in Naeso-sa temple was its surroundings.
In traditional Korean buildings were located according to the principle of feng-shui, winds and water magic.

In this point, the location of Naeso-sa seemed as the one of the best place in Korean Buddhist temple.

Mountains were hugging the temple softly as like Mom.
So when you were sitting in the temple, you could feel comfort deep in your mind.







One of the representative characteristics was a balance and harmony with its surroundings.
The roofs and buildings were constructed under the consideration of surroundings.



Balance and Harmony seemed the key to guide us to the peaceful atmosphere.


It is just beautiful to see these temples along the mountains and the greenery around it makes it like a golden apple on a silver plate and teaches balance and harmony @slowwalker

lovely sunshine

Wonderful images

This temple really looks great. I could say that it transmits a harmony through the photographs.

Thanks brother @slowwalker information about naseo-sa temple .

Such a wonderful and appreciatable click you to take .

hen I activate the manifestation at a t3 temple to receive the god, will this destroy my base surroundings?

Most welcome Sir,very nice picture chapter by smart phone .

que hermosa naturaleza me encanta todo ese verde

단순해 보이지만 자연과 매우 아름다운 조화가 잘되있네요.~^^
덕분에 잘보았습니다.

You always hit the spot when it comes to Korean cumture. Its great.

Wow the houses continue to maintain that old and traditional style that makes them so famous! The photos are fantastic you do a wonderful job thank you for sharing with us

beautiful picture

Excellent article. I really liked it. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Мне очень понравилось. Удачи Вам и Любви

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Such a peaceful place. I see myself sitting here for whole day praying and admiring the beautiful surroundings.

that looks really quite and peaceful there. seems like the perfect spot to relax and calm down

In this case for sure the surroundings are prettier than the temple but it is just amazing how nature can be this pretty. :)

@slowwalker, Such a spiritual clicks you caught Naeso-sa temple and near by environment. This is a wonder of the Korea. Actually mind wanna meditation through this cool location. Mind ever earlier can relax and then meditate. Mountain has amazing creativity.

와.. 마치 풍경과 하나 인것 같습니다..
이런걸 보고 절경이라고 하는 거겠지요..?
자연과 잘 어울리는 우리 고유의 것..
정말 잘 아끼고, 잘 보존해야 될 필요성이 있습니다..
다시금 느끼게 해주셔서 감사합니다.

a very beautiful place ,,, it seems there is perfect for a place to cool down ,,, and do yoga ... the air is so cool and away from pollution.

have you visited there @slowwalker ???

Such a superb and appreciatable snap.

very beautiful post and beautiful kawan.semoga good friends always

So beautiful views, the nature looks amazing!

Amazing views, great captions!

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So colourful photograph.. it so nice

beautiful place and fantastic view so comfortable and fresh environment.

@slowwalker, mountains alongside a temple equals HEAVEN

Absolutely stunning. Asia really has the most wonderful landscapes.

its characteristics of building are interesting. I would like to travel some day to Asia.

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