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What I saw in front of Dae Wung Jeon in Ssang Gye Sa temple was the pagod which seemed to be made in the Goryeo dynasty. As estimating the period of being built, it seemed to be strong connection with the Mongolian Invasion. Mongolians created the Yuan Won dynasty in China. And the Buddhism in the Yuan dynasty seemed to be deeply influenced by the Buddhism in Tibet.

The pagoda was very high and it was not easy to take the photo of it in one shot without the distortion of the image.




There were other pagodas in other temples which were similar to this pagoda.

Besides the Dae Wung Jeon, there was the carved Buddha relief on the rock.
In general, it seemed to be made in late Goryeo dynasty.


The carving skill was not deliberate. It seemed that ordinary people carved this relief.
In Goryeo dynasty, local people began to made their statues by themselves without the support of the central government.


The last photography of craved stone statue, like you said it seems like ordinary people did it. But they carved it so well! Great photography and I like those colors of the building! It seems so amazing!


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cool... that's a really cool photo... like to see more about this... which camera did you use? greetings from the south

This stone pagoda is astonishing.
I love the colors of the 2nd picture from the top!

I am Especially impressed with The Carved Buddha, even if it was not done by the Master Craftsman of the Day............@slowwalker

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Wonderful to check this out stunning post :)

@slowwalker, You did great job there in Ssang Gye Sa Temple for take highest pagoda. It's amazing creativity. I think 10 steps built up these pagoda. Absolutely amazing. You found other awesome carved Buddha statue made by late Goryeo dynasty. This is most important for future generation to looking and explore Koreans Traditional Buddhism. Well explain and nice captures.

I was always amazed by such pagodas.
They are very original and each is good in its own way.

Thank you very much for the beautiful photos
and interesting description, dear @Slowwalker .

I once saw a beautiful pagoda in Elista. And like in Korea, not seen anywhere else.

It's called the pagoda of 7 days.


Nice Post

Really beautiful photos. You present a Buddhist carving on the temple wall and provide a little explanation. when the beauty is shown in the form of carvings on the stone we know that in the past our ancestors were able to create eternal beauty. And you have presented it to us so that we who are far from kore can enjoy it.
Thank you @slowwalker
Thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

The stone relief really was like carved by ordinary people @slowwalker but the stone Pagoda really is very beautiful standing alone.

Thank you for supporting my Art and for providing me with beautiful pictures. I believe to see that unique and different culture that exist for many years that is something that makes us wonder. Also seen that this unusual pagoda with its different shape and height, hearing that you noticed the influence of Mongolian invasion that left impact this is like looking through the past and discovering the history that our ancestors wanted to share with us. I like the composition of that tall pagoda and two stone lantern, the look really tiny when comparing. Also the Buddha carving looks wonderful. and very well preserved.
I wish you nice Sunday @slowwalker!

Thank you for your drawing.

I enjoy your posts about these kind of places. Never been in a Pagoda but I'm willing to. Thanks for sharing.

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