When Dusk Is Deepening by the Stream ‘Yang Jae’ in Seoul, Korea

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There was a stream in the name of Yang Jae flowing into the Han River.
From time to time, I used to walk along the stream.
One day I saw a dusk deepening in the buildings along the stream.
I took a photos of the scenery of dusk for the memory.
It was really happy to walk alone on the road looking around.
If you visit Seoul Korea, I recommend you have a chance to walk along the stream Yang Jae.
Yang Jae stream is really awesome place to walk through.
And there are lots of cafes and restaurants, so when you get tired, you can take a rest at anyplace.

Below are the photos I took






The world where I live is a beautiful place.


Greetings @slowwalker, nim,

Lovely photographs from your evening stroll.

A beautiful place indeed; the stream Yang Jae shall be on the list to visit......thank you for the recommendation.

Wishing you and yours and your Mum all the best. ^__^


The deepening of the dusk gives the Yang Jae stream another dimensional beauty, look at the orange changes to how the weather looked and I must say it's definitely perplexing and beautiful, I've not visited Seoul Korea before but I know it's more than historic, filled with ancient wonders and the Yang Jae stream is such a revelation wow, awesome shots.

Truly lovely. It is making me miss the South East of England which I had to leave early this year. The long shadows and low hung sun this time of year is amazing there.

i like the last picture best

@slowwalker, The scenery of dusk very reach Yang Jae streem really impressive and grand visualization to us. You have big experience walk along the stream. I believe you recommend glorious and relaxation place when we'll visit Korea. You caught superior photo clicks from different angles. Sure you create big passion to anybody through your experience.

I hope I will have the chance to be there one day! Until then I walk in Bucharest!

Great picture, thanks for the slow walk among the river

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In the evening, any area seems even more mysterious.

All these lights and street lighting give a special flavor.

Thanks for the pictures, dear @Slowwalker.


I really like the reflection of trees in the mirror surface of the water.

Beautiful evening scenery.

Looks awesome. The last picture could be a road in Germany too.
Resteemed :-)

Beautiful capture of evening with such beautiful sunset, when the clouds looks so amazing on blue-pink sky. I can imagine that many people enjoy evening walk at the river side, like we do in the evening because it is only time when we are back from work and it is great to have so fresh air after being hours in closed space. I like your last picture very much, when you can see the sun lighten up the end of the street, like in fairy tale when there is something magical around the corner :)

Great Post, beautiful photograph

Very beautiful post with very colorful photos. i just comment with this word. I hope you accept it

Beauty captivates the heart and eyes
so you won't be able to say
when entering the stream
like entering into a dream

don't move, enjoy the beauty
take note of the entire city
dim dusk spoiled the view
until you feel like you are new

lights began to illuminate the city at night
until it dimmed, it changed the sparkling light
you will find the unforgettable beauty
so you will always want to return to this city

Thank you @slowwalker
Thank you steemit
Warm regard from Indones

Awesome photography..📷. Excellent post ..my dear friend @slowwalker .💕

Quite a beautiful shot you made along the Yang Jae [email protected] :D

Well if I could visit I might also experience the same blissful scenery that it offers too.

The Yang Jae stream, does look like an awesome place to go for daily walks.
Very pretty and so relaxing.

Wow what a landscape views! You are happy to love where you live! :)

Wow what a landscape views! You are happy to love where you live! :)

Wish I could visit there also anytime soon. It's a really beautiful place as seen on these photos and as told by my friends.