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RE: ADSactly World - Runnin' The Border

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Mexico - USA is always in the news for two things:

illegal immigration

drug trafficking

Unfortunately the two goes hand in glove. But the American government has done a great job curtailing the movement.


when we are unable to earn and live in a normal way...they think a different track...wherever unemployed people are there..illegal {??} business arises..90%. remaining are born criminals can found in all society..

But the US is not responsible for the bad economy of Mexico.
Most often crime is a by-product of bad internal management.

I sometimes wonder if our tighter border security is preventing the frequent back-and-forth movement that characterized Mexican migration for most of the 20th century. That would create some negative impacts, as people couldn't leave the US when jobs were few, and couldn't easily re-enter when they were plentiful. This additional money would have strengthened the Mexican economy, and probably contributed to social stability.

Now, shit's a mess. Paramilitary gangs. Paramilitary border patrol.

They have certainly curtailed illegal immigration. It seems to me like there isn't really a dope shortage in the US, so maybe not so much there. There is so much money involved that they will just keep coming with it. The smugglers are really inventive and they change tactics often.

You nailed it.