Airplane landing for steemit by stewardessa

in #travel4 years ago

It is well known that not everybody has an opportunity to enter cabin of the plane. Such restriction is necessity, when it comes to the safety of passengers, but you were privileged to observe the moment of plane landing, didn’t you forget that I am stewardess? :)
Actually the landing wasn’t smooth enough, because weather (high wind) made its own corrections into pilots’ plan, but still we landed successfully. In the end of the video you may see how happy I am, that confirms a safe landing :)
Now you know what is going on from the perspective of a pilot, thus I congratulate you! Thank you for following me and do not forget to check out the upvot&follow . That is very important for me!

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if Your company will see this video ,You can lose job. be careful stewardessa

Wow it is very beautiful Regards from @jackilzar

This is super cool!
There is also no other way I could see a landing from the cockpit, so thank you:D

Can you do more videos about aviation ?

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How long are you working as stewardess?

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this video reminds me of "Microsoft Flight Simulator ". I used to play it when I was much younger!!!

Do you ever ask if you can try landing it this time?

Wow! that is so awesome, but what about the whole no using cellphones etc. ?

Great video

Thank you! And phones are forbidden :)

Haha... thanks for giving us that sneak peek. seemed a tad rough though, or is that what it always looks like from the front.

Glad I am way in the back then. lol
Safe travels...

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