Travel with me #77 : A walk through downtown Nassau and a visit to the renowned Straw Market!

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Dear Steemit friends :


Believe it or not, in my 10 days or so in Bahamas, I only had one opportunity to visit downtown Nassau for an afternoon. Travelling with such a tight schedule with activities and places to visit each day mean prioritising the adventures which I find most appealing. If you've followed my travels thus far, you will know that I'm very fond of Atlantis at Paradise Island and many of my blogs have been focused around the activities found at that resort.

I've also had the opportunity to visit the newly opened Baha Mar resort which is touted to be a rival to Atlantis choosing Cable Beach as it's base of operation. With each of these large resorts bringing in hundreds of thousands of extra visitors each year, they are both extremely important to the tourism industry of Bahamas.

Today, we'll be crossing over to the other side, off Paradise island, away from the ever so luring Atlantis, and away from the ultra luxurious Baha Mar. Let's take a stroll through down town Nassau!


Nassau was actually founded under the name Charles Town in 1670 by British settlers. They built a fort there named after the King of England, Charles II.

During this time, the English and Spanish had frequent wars and just 14 years after it's founding, Charles Town was burned down in a raid by the Spanish.

Between the years of 1684 and 1718, Charles Town was rebuilt and renamed to Nassau in honour of William III from the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau and governed by Nicholas Trott. In 1703, a Spanish and French alliance occupied Nassau but failed to govern the town effectively leading to the island becoming a haven for Pirates.

At one point, Nassau was the home to more than 1000 pirates and was even called the pirate republic.

In 1718, the British regained controlled of the island and appointed Captain Woodes Rogers to be the town governor. He was largely successful in bringing prosperity back to Nassau, spending much of his own wealth in the regeneration of the town.

The town is extremely colourful and reminds me of a settlement style of architecture rather than a full blown city. Both sides of the streets are patchwork with a multitude of bright gaily coloured wooden houses. Many are blue and pink. It feels a lot like a scene from La La Land where everything is Blue and Pink.

I didn't have time to go inside the Museum as it was closed really early on the Sunday afternoon. But, you do get a sense of the pirate influence all around the town.

I think I probably would have liked to be a pirate if I was around in those days. I love their colourful clothing and sense of freedom and adventure. Probably wouldn't want to have the missing leg and eyes though!

At one end of Bay St is Senor Frogs! We've been here before already!

Some more fine examples of bright vivid colours. These were some stalls along Bay Street selling locally produced merchandise and souvenirs.

Other more commercial shops are also open for business in down town Nassau. They use very bubbly colours to attract their customers.

Most of the commercial shops and restaurants are around Bay St. and Woodes Rogers walk.

This is Pompey Square, sometimes they have a market here.

I stumbled across two Royal Bahamian Police Officers. They were really friendly and were happy to have photos taken of them!

Just like Marina Village, none of the houses here are painted the same colour as adjacent buildings.

And there are certainly enough shops to keep shoppers busy!

I think we need some more Steemit representation, wouldn't you agree?

Do you see me?

This is the Sun Clock at Pompey Square. As I mentioned earlier, there is usually an open market here but on Sunday they are taking a rest.

I found this lovely patch of flowers growing on one of the walls beside Pompey Square, they make for a really lovely background!

Especially with how pink and purple the flowers are!

This is the Prince George Plaza which I thought would be quite a busy and bustling place. Quite a few unrecognised businesses here, the only one I recognise is Harley Davidson, others must be local businesses.

It was a very empty street. It seems Sunday is really not the ideal time to go shopping as most stores are closed!

From Bay St. a walk through the Prince George Plaza takes us back to Woodes Rodgers Walk.

This store called Sharkeez is suppose to be the largest gift shop in Bahamas. If that is true, then the gift shops here are not very large at all!

Straw Market

The last stop of the day is the renowned Straw Market. Before Bahamas became a point of interest for vacations, the locals led more subsistence lifestyles and would plait, braid and wave their own baskets and bags which were useful for carrying around fruit, veg and even fish.

Since becoming popular as a holiday destination, the sale of these hand made arts and crafts became a growing industry that pays homage to their humble roots.

Many places sell similar handmade arts and crafts, but the most famous of them is the Straw Market which is right beside Pompey Square!


As you can see, there are many merchants here, each with their own stand and selection of merchandise. Most of the articles on sale here are either hand made by themselves, or are locally produced souvenirs. In either case, each store keeper has their own strategy for selling things.

One of the surprising things I find about Bahamas was that it is most definitely not cheap. Certainly a magnitude above similar places in far east Asia. So, even though it is a market, you will have to haggle to get things at much more reasonable price.

I do like the intense colours of many of the products here. They're extremely eye catching and exude the summer holiday feeling.

This stall specialises in embroidered plaited baskets and bags, just look at the selection on offer!

Check out the video!

Hope you enjoyed my tour of downtown Nassau! I would love to spend more time in downtown Nassau, especially to feel the local culture, understand the way of life, and see more of the history of Nassau. However, I hope you now have a good idea of what to expect! (just don't go on a Sunday like me!)

As always, I appreciate your upvote if you liked my blog, and a follow if you wish to see more. Don't forget to leave a comment to let me know what you think!


记得在lalaland爱乐之城的电影里,所有的天都是蓝色和粉色的, 因为导演觉得蓝色和粉色是世界上最浪漫的颜色。而拿骚的市中心,街道两边错落有致的分布着英国乔治王时代的浅色建筑和造型特别的木制办公公寓,商店,走在街道上好像穿越到了英国。高高矮矮的房子也都刷成了蓝色和粉色,当然还有紫色黄色和绿色,仿佛来到了连好莱坞片厂都没法复制的童话里的小镇,住在这的人每天看到这么浪漫有情调的彩色房子,肯定心情特别好。我手上这个笑脸饮料是巴哈马独有的汽水品牌,来到巴哈马必须要尝一尝的芒果口味饮料。拿骚的建筑大多3,4层高,接着眼前这个漂亮的紫红色大楼算是拿骚著名的景点—海盗博物馆。众所周知,拿骚曾是海盗活动的基地,17世纪末18世纪初随着商船增加,海上贸易飞速发展,海岛也就随之盛行。在巴哈马,海岛是一个职业。那些本以为是传说的带着黑眼罩的海盗,成了拿骚一景。博物馆里有丰厚的海岛发展史,也还原了海盗的的日常生活。可惜来的时候是周日去不开门。

我身后这个青蛙先生的餐厅,大家很熟悉啦。大部分的彩色房子里都是卖工艺品和名品的专卖店,因为巴哈马购物免税,所以也算是购物天堂。正好碰到值班的巴哈马警察,白色的衣服漂亮的花帽子,我赶紧和他们合个影。这个巴哈马的instagram牌子真可爱。这个巴哈马和拿骚的彩色照相牌子好鲜艳,让我想起了中国的京剧服饰。现在是下午阳光强烈的时候,广场上没什么人。广场的地上有一个像时钟的圆盘,我站在正中间,影子成了时钟的时针,是不是很有趣。来到热带国家,我最享受的是可以和这些鲜艳多彩的热带花朵照相,心情好极了。接着走看见一个步行街,里面是各种商店。最后我们来到拿骚最有名的Straw Market编织品集市。专门卖当地的手工针织品,香料,陶器,木雕手工艺品。就像北京著名的秀水街一样,我也赶紧抓紧时间,为家人朋友挑选纪念品。因为去的时候快要下班了,所以很紧急的拍了视频。希望大家能够喜欢,之后还要去更多有趣的巴哈马故事要和大家分享。


Nice post there @sweetsssj !

I took a brief trip to Bahamas back in 2011 aboard a cruiser. Only were there for two days but it was a lot of fun. The cruise was lots of fun it had a disco onboard. Anyways me and my friend Shelley visited Bahamas went to Nassau. We had some amazing pina coladas and made some friends. Some of them visited us later that year in Florida. I know what you mean, and maybe I should visit Bahamas with a bit more time to enjoy it better. But yeah, amazing island! :D

Nice story! Sounds like another trip back to Nassau is due, and this time stay for a little longer maybe? Anyway, the Pina Colada's really are amazing, had them several times whilst i was there!

thanks for that very colorful tour!
you always look hotter than the weather! :)

thank you englishtchrivy! I'm really flattered even more so coming from you! :) x

I mean them Xx
and am straight don't get me wrong
oh well you're Asian , too
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got it, don't worry :) Thanks girl :)

woman :)
almost 40 :) hahah

AT LAST a woman who prefers to refer to herself as a woman not a girl.

So many women from their late twenties to their sixties refer to themselves as girls LOL I am like what the fuck, who are you kidding haha.

A girl is either a female child or a young or relatively young woman. Likely up to the maximum age of 12 i.e. when they go through puberty.

So it is not likely there are many girls on this thread of comments :)

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Hey! I went on a cruise too that touched on Bahamas but it was in 2012! I think the ship was the Norwegian Escape it also visited St. Thomas and U.S. Virgin Islands! It was a nice cruise with disco, bars, pools, and everything! We should talk @heather2000 See ya around! :D

Steem on!

Sounds like a plan :)

I played the video and watched this gif the while time. The music works like it was meant for this

Hey ladies, maybe we can plan a trip to Bahamas together ;)

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Better post I would say....a worthy watching place....loved the way your posts are shaping in

Nassau is one of my favorite places to visit. One thing visitors do is make the mistake of using taxis to get everywhere. You can save a lot of money taking the bus. You can get from downtown Nassau all the way back to Baha Mar (Cable Beach) for $1.25 on the #10 bus. That same ride would cost you $15 to $18 in a taxi. It's one of the best ways to get around without breaking the bank.

Good advice!

I'm sitting at work and watch your beautiful pictures and I need a employee leave immidiately hahah Amazing photos as always, keep it that way, greetings from Warsaw. If u like visit my new post with photos from Chernobyl tour, take care! Upvoted and follow you.

haha hopefully you can get some annual leave soon and then come straight to Bahamas! Chernobly, wow, I shall take a look!

Hi sava how is poland

Hi! stormy today, but hot ;) greetings

I was a kid when the Chernobyl disaster happened. The "benefits" have definitely passed over me too...
I would definitely be afraid to make a trip there, but thanks to you, I will take a tour(reading your post @sava, of course)
Upvoted and following you...and because we are "neighbors".

Thank you @bluemoon, I appreciate it, I follow you too, have a nice day :)

hy @sava ... You beatifull ...
I like ,
I follow you okay..?
And then you follow me please....

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Wow this must have been exciting! This is a great post and that place looks amazing! I'd love to go there. I'd also love to be a pirate minus the missing leg and hand, haha. I love your pictures especially the first one and the Instagram one (Really creative and pretty cool.) I also love that shirt! It looks really great on you! But yeah, that place looks really colourful and pretty. I'd love to travel the way you do. I'll be sure to check out the other amazing places you decide to explore. xx

thank you !! Wow so many lovely compliments in this one message, I don't know how to say thank you to all, but thank you so much for checking it out, and even taking the time to comment to let me know.

It's always a pleasure to read your adventures. It's an honor to get a reply from you. Have an amazing day further, can't wait for your next post. 😊

you're so welcome themessup, hopefully I'll have my next post up with 24 hours :)

Nassau is beautiful place and i not heard about this place before and thanks to you that through you i got to know about one wonderful place and this is why i love steemit. I like one thing of it that all house has different colors and they all re looking so pretty. Its like house in mexico or spain because i seen this kind of houses. I like that your sun clock photo too because that is so beautiful. But yes as you mentioned strew market is awesome and in it there is lot of antique and unique items available so its lot of fun to spend time there.

Cool place. Thanks for sharing!
How much time do you spend flying?! 😲

From China it's pretty much a day! But i try to minimise the travel time when i'm actually at a destination and just stick to short trips from an easy central point. :)

beautiful place~
thank you for sharing

thanks enomujjass, you are on fire, every single post you are one of the first to comment! 😊

I'm not good at English.

Hay @Sweetsssj
I always follow your journey whether it is Travel or Other !!
I Wish You Would Also Follow and Upvote My Post @sallsteem
Really I Liked What You Do Every Day
And Always Join - Upvote - Comment and Reesteem
I wish the same
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thanks very much :)

@sallsteem, here's what you need to do: READ THIS POST It might help :)

Value First, Monetization After :)

You really know how to enjoy your life, wonderfull! (:

Hello @sweetsssj

Right in the middle of the high-end, duty-free shops on Bay Street you’ll find the world-famous Nassau Straw Market. It’s home to handmade Bahamian crafts, gifts, souvenirs and items such as hand-woven straw hats, bags, mats, dolls, conch shell jewelry and wood carvings—and all available at very reasonable prices, especially if you’re good at negotiating!

The Nassau Straw Market is an authentic representation of an industry that has been growing throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean since the early 1940s

Located on Bay Street in downtown Nassau, The Nassau Straw Market is an authentic representation of an industry that has been growing throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean since the early 1940′s. Originally, the craft and skills of plaiting, braiding and weaving were useful when Bahamians led subsistence lifestyles, with baskets being used for carrying fruit and fishing traps. But following the end of World War II, many North Americans began visiting The Bahamas for their vacations, and straw craft souvenirs soon grew in popularity.

Pompey Market in Cable Beach

Nowadays there are organized straw markets all over the island. Pompey Market in Cable Beach across from Melia Nassau Beach All Inclusive, is quiet, open and very colorful. You can enjoy a refreshing tropical drink, made with fresh fruit as you stroll the open-air market searching for unique treasures. Paradise Island also has a craft market offering handmade straw items and wood carvings. However, the world-renowned Nassau Straw Market is truly at the center of it all. With thousands of items to choose from—ranging from handmade straw work and wood carvings to local delicacies and treats to “name brand” goods at very inexpensive prices—both visitors and locals alike will enjoy the bustle of activity amongst the hundreds of vendors who are generally always willing to bargain with their buyers. (Crafts and souvenirs may be purchased with either U.S. or Bahamian cash funds. Open every day of the week from 8:00am to 8:00pm.)

Thank you @steemit @steemit

I really enjoyed reading your travel blogs. It has fantastic photographs, the activities that you do and most of all your brief history of the town. I will be going to the St Petersburg from Beijing and you can read about it in my blog.

And here I am only able to see your amazing trip.
What have I done to life

Looks beautiful, I really like the colorful buildings, so much nicer than than a lot of boring buildings ... I think it would be great if more places had more colorful buildings, some places are so conservative and restictive in what they allow... would love to art up buildings hihi just an artist dream !

Hi .. @ sweetsssj, surely your trip is very tiring, from bahama to nassau, after this maybe where else are you going to go ..? But surely fight with you diversity of beauty in the countries that you visit, I salute with what you do.Thank you already show nassau to me.don't forget in vote in my post @kardevis
Thanks again.

Good post, thanks

thank you hamzaoui!

U are welcome, Please visit my blog and Support @sweetsssj

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this is one of the most colourful posts I've seen on steemit! The settlement style feel of the city is intriguing since it's more a tourist spot than the type of metropolis to which I'm accustomed.

I was impressed with the sheer quantity and quality of photos, including the videos. The one Youtube video entitled, A walk in downtown Nassau and shopping at the Straw Market seemed professional quality. Did you make that one? If so, that's amazing,

You put a lot of effort into your posts and manage to turn them out every other day, and in addition to responding to people's comments , you somehow manage to actually tour the locales yourself.

Did I mention? The writing quality is excellent as well. For anyone who is wondering how to make a successful steemit post they only have to look at your site.

Good work, sssj :)

Wow, you really go places and your posts are simply amazing. Great photos, great videos and great everything! Thank you for sharing

Wow, it's such amazing and beautiful place. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

thank you rockjon, you're welcome :)

Thank you for this beautiful presentation.


@sweetsssj downtown Nassau is beautiful and the renowned Straw Market is a place to be when next I go to Bahamas for Vacation. The picture you took at the pink and purple flowers is very beautiful, wow. In fact , the Bahamas tourist industry should give you a big bonus for a work well done...bceause of you, they will get more customers..keep steeming and be safe.

thank you charles! The lack of people out on the Sunday seemed to make for good opportunities to shoot photos. I really did like the Pompey square the most, the straw market made me feel a bit claustrophobic ..

thanks again!

Good point, you are welcome and keep up the good work.

Beautiful images @sweetsssj! <3


Aww thank you :) loving your posts!

Heart warming. Encore.

Amazing pics as ever.
I hope you had a lot of fun.
Thanks for posting :) .

wow @sweetsssj in downtown Nassau!
I can imaging those days when Nassau was the home to more than 1000 pirates and even called the pirate republic! portrays level of lawlessness and @sweetsssj part of the top pirates! I wonder what kind of lovely pirate you will turn out to be...nice photo with a pirate...hahaha

Bahamas Goombay Punch, is it a kind of canned soft drink or beer? trust you do not take beer/alchohol...
the streets are truly lined with ...nice blue and pink houses!
really love your cat walking along Woodes Rogers walk....;) nice fittings... and I see you perfectly well at the Sun Clock at Pompey Square! more so, the pink and purple flowers are awesome...especially being garnished by the lady at the center of it...!;) what a large market...funny to see the fat lady sleeping.. Guess she was exhausted....

Very nice one ma'am and i always enjoy and feel as if i am travelling with you...You have my upvote as always. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

Ken! Thank you, i really do wonder what the town must have been like to be sprawling with more pirates than non-pirates. Must be something like from pirates of the Caribbean.

The punch is like a non alcoholic cocktail, really nice actually!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments much love 😊

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support and comment also. thanks



woah look like such a chill place to hang out at! Thanks for sharing about it, will keep it in mind if I ever travel there!

thanks charlescyl, a very down to earth and real look at Nassau for everybody today :)


That Bahamas Goombay Punch logo... Hmmm...

Maybe it is like Nintendo Mario Goomba Punch. Hi hi LOL

Thanks @sweetsssj for sharing this amazing holiday journey.. very inspiring!

thank you hms818, you're so welcome and thanks for taking the time to comment 😊

What type of camera or editing are you using for those pics. I posted some pics of my current trip in Spain, but I used my Samsung S7 Edge Phone camera and they don't look anything like yours. Yours are so bright and colorful. You use Photoshop afterwards yeah?

Anyway Amazing post as always. The city almost looks as beautiful as you. I would love to get your take on my post. You should definitely visit Spain.


Seems Bahamas is way cooler than what I initially thought. Worth checking out. :)

indeed! Highly recommended 😊

Beautiful Photos.... Crazy Location...

Wow, a visit to downtown Nassau, this is very interesting. I love the kind of paint used in those building. Your a smart babe, you would love to be a pirate without missing legs or eyes?? Your look so beautiful in those pictures. The photo's are of high quality. Your narrative of the history of the town with date show that your a historian too.this add a new angle to your reporting style. Good job as usual. Up voted and following for more quality content. Keep it coming.

Thank you hynet, it's always important to walk away with something learnt. In this case, just a little history about the place and some lovely photographs to help remember :)

Your welcome, yes your right, is important to walk away with something learned. be rest assured that you have my support anytime, any day. rid on.

That Instagram card was interesting! Hahah.

Is there an Instagram clone in China? I'm assuming that it can't be used in China because Facebook access isn't allowed?

@sweetsssj - Nassau today? You make me soooo jealous! Just kidding. I am fortunate to see these lovely places through your blogs. Thank god there are no pirates in Nassau now otherwise they would have kidnapped you to make you their queen!! Hahaha. See - your picture with the pirate statues makes me think that. You seem to have had quite a day, including the pleasant brush with the police officers. I like the straw market. Though expensive place to buy, the look of the place is very vibrant. Fantastic photos.

I have continued my passion for nature and wildlife blogs and written one about my early morning bird adventure with photos of the lovely birds I saw. I request you to take a look when you have time and provide your valuable comments. Thanks.

thank you sir, i will take a look at your blog too

Sir? No need to be so formal @sweetsssj. Thanks for your interest in my blogs too though they are nowhere near your level of popularity of blogs

okay vm2904! But anyway, I find your blogs interesting, and have voted most of the recent ones, I think they will only get better with time. So no worries 😊

Thank you so much for your confidence and support. I hope I am not irritating you be reminding about my blogs

I'm liking that outfit. Looking great :) Keeping your game on strong! I am proud. Keep on keeping on!

How long about do you stay in a specific location at a time?

usually one or two weeks! Not too long actually, seems very busy sometimes!

That's awesome. Where you off to next?

secret for now, but revealed in the next week or so 😊😊😊

Okay okay :P When you come to Cape Town, South Africa, let me know ;) Then we can meet up, and I will take you on a tour around the city. I will take you to visit one of the 7 Wonders Of The World, Table Mountain too :)

By the way, I mentioned you a few times in my last post HERE! I posted exactly what we discussed previously :) Let's GO!!

Will do!! Just checked out your post, upvoted and left a comment, great job!

Thank you my friend! Your actions are truly appreciated. You have no idea. Talk soon :) Stay awesome!

It's a really nice picture ! well captured photo

thank you techienkhan1430, raises glass! 😊

It Would Be Nice If You Upvote Too 😝😁

i love your post and the pictures thank you for posting

thank you very much!

Once again, beautiful photos that put a big smile on my face :) Thank you for post such nice content, and for simply existing @sweetsssj
Hope you like my channel too and follow :) I will draw a realistic portrait of you if you don't mind and post it soon. So stay tuned and hope to have you as a follower! Thank you sweety!

thank you makisantypas you're too sweet! I look forward to your portrait and following in anticipation!

thank you goodwork, it was a lovely day for some street photography.

Agreed. Totally fantastic.

Looks like you are having a great trip. :)

it was a fabulous trip thank you! Loved each and every moment!

Hi @sweetsssj, have you considered visiting @ucluelet or Tofino? I could setup a way for you to have accommodations to do some blog guest posting. If you are interested, let's talk.

@sweetsssj you rock as usual. Wonderful photoes and beautiful narration make you actually visualise the location. The post is cool as ever. Keep posting

thank you teapassion!

This is one of my dream vacation destination!! Hopefully I can see this beautiful place one day and mark it off my bucket list:)

yes andre!! that sounds like a brilliant plan and I hope you realise it very soon 😊

This was great. Your blog really made me feel like i was there in nassau. i like the pirate theme they have there. I lived in key west for four years and the whole pirate pride there was really strong. Thank you very much for the tour.

Niiiice, gorgeous pictures and nice video
is the Goombay Punch an Caribbean
energy drink ?


its like a sort of fruit concoction, very nice, my reaction was like the little girls :P

interesting ! can you send me sample 2 Germany :))

joking, Have Fun Classy Girl !

Hi @sweetsssj, I was wondering why you are posting. I hope everything is ok on your end. You always share amazing quality content. We love you and appreciate you here on steemit. Catch up with this latest post :
I am sure you will enjoy it and there is the #2

Great post! Keep the work up! Might go to the bahamas myself one day/

thanks! My mission is complete (partially) if you go!

Waaao thanks for share such a beautiful experience with all of us, i really like reading your posts,because they filled with so much nice info and pics,keep it up buddy :) @sweetsssj

thanks thecryptotrader, will do!!

😊thanks waiting for your next adventure. @sweetsssj

love how you admire your city, you remind me a lot of my love for mine. You inspire me to show more of my land which is very beautiful too. For now I can not take photos and go through all my state due to the problems that currently exist, but soon I will be providing all the information about my beloved country, Venezuela.

WOO @sweet . Nice post and place.

thanks myothantz 😊

Also visit "Nepal" once in Lifetime to Explore the Real World

Hi sweetsssj i love Bahamas is a great place to be

agreed!! :)

hi look so much beautiful..really glad to your beautiful place and interesting story..specially for you,, wooww really beautiful and hot..!! I love that town..colorfull and you must be so much enjoy when you were are so much lucky!! by the way I've just post some photos..visit my blog please then give me comment or suggenstion..I post a very beautiful island near by my hometown..check this out..hopefully you intereting..

this is awesome .i love Bahamas i followed a lot of the happening especially when the great Dr. Myle Munloe was alive .....i long to visit Bahamas and the streats of Nassau. you must have liked it big

yeah!!Absolutely loved it..

So many beautifull colors, which type of camera do you use sweetsssj?

thanks frankbuse, I use the Sony A9 :)

Hey @sweetsssj,
That is Awesome I am already Follow you Plz Follow back @funnysyuff
Thnx ;
Amazing post and amazing shots! I like your trips!

They have a lot of straw bags that are lined with fabric and the straw bags are embroidered with flowers with the embroidery done in straw. There are also hats, fans and various other ornaments. You can see photos here:

you're welcome johnhostick!

All those colors really pop out. Would love to check it out.

thanks vegeta, it's certainly a very diverse colour palette, broadest i've seen so far :)

Great pictures as always. Enjoy your traveling and keep on exploring new things.

will do cryptowolf!

Absolutely gorgeous pics!! @sweetsssj xo! <3

follow me and I follow you

It's been 30 year since I've been to Nassau, I'm due for a return visit soon.

wow.. definitely time for a revisit!