Travel with me #79 : The Aquaventure Water Park, a deal breaker for staying at Atlantis?

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Dear Steemit friends:


Making a decision to visit the Bahamas should be a relatively easy one. What is harder to decide on is where to stay. Even if you decide to stay at the Atlantis resort, you are still faced with deciding on which hotel within the resort to stay at.

Will it be the value for money Beach Tower, the moderate run of the mill Coral Towers, the deluxe and signature Royal Towers or the ultra luxurious Cove at Atlantis?

Each will suit a different kind of visitor and each will be have different price ranges.

One thing that is consistent across all the hotels available at Atlantis, is the access to the beaches, aquaventure water park, and the marine aquariums.

Considering a non-Atlantis guests will pay around $135 USD for a day pass to Aquaventure water park and Atlantis' beaches, you might even consider your room to be quite value for money given that access to these facilities are inclusive of your room price (even the value option of Beach Tower).

For many visitors, a stay at Atlantis resort is a no brainer. Prices at Beach Tower are comparable to budget hotels outside of Paradise island, and yet no other resort can offer the same quality inclusive facilities or sheer number of activities. Baha Mar doesn't offer the expansive marine aquariums, or the terrific Aquaventure water park, despite this fact, Baha Mar's prices lean closer to the Cove at Atlantis - the high end ultra luxurious hotel which of course include access to all of Atlantis' standard offerings.

So, is it really worth staying at Atlantis?

Is access to Aquaventure water park and Atlantis' private pools and beaches really worth it for the extra cost?

We've already seen how awesome The Dig is, and also had an opportunity to visit Predator Lagoon to see Sharks, Stingrays and Sawfish up close. These are all exclusive to Atlantis resort guests.

Well, now let me show you the beaches, pools and water park which are also exclusive to Atlantis guests.

Most of the food choices by the main pools are quite simple. Salads, Wraps, Burgers, and Soft Drinks are your standard options, for anything else, a visit to a "proper" restaurant is recommended, and we've also had the opportunity explore a number of these already.


If you prefer to hang by the beaches, there are two main beaches, namely Cove Beach and Atlantis Beach.
Both have beautifully clean and natural sandy beaches with shallow blue natural water. Be warned that there are many non licensed water sports operators here who will try to convince you to have a go on their jet ski's and other water sports. These are not licensed by the hotel so the hotel will not be held liable for any accidents which may happen. Use at your own discretion.

The Cove beach seems like a sun bathing paradise with so many sunbeds laid out in neat orderly rows.

I prefer Atlantis Beach. It doesn't have the plethora of sunbeds and seems to be favoured by the sea gulls too.

For most people however, the Aquaventure park and it's many pools are the main attraction. This is the 'waterfall pool' which was surprisingly empty.

There is also a toddler area with some mini slides and climbing apparatus. The pool here is also very shallow making it both safe and fun for the young ones.

There's even a place dedicated to rock climbing. It looks quite simple and probably isn't a challenge to the experts but at least the option is there!

This is the main swimming pool which is directly in front of the Royal Towers. For me, it's probably the least interesting pool out of them all.

Being the main pool, it's also the one most visited so expect to find a lot of people here throughout the day. If you like the busyness and aren't too claustrophobic then it'll be fine. Perhaps some of you will even like rubbing shoulders with strangers due to close proximity.

You can also rent private tents to save you from going back to your room if you intend on staying by the pool all day.

Here is yet another super shallow pool. If you're here to actually go swimming, then this is not the place for you, as even standing up, the depth of the water is only up to my knees. Let's face it though, very few people actually swim "properly" here. It's a holiday resort, not a training place!

Paradise Lagoon

We already mentioned this place before as we made our way to the Predator Lagoon.

In the distance, you can see the seashell roof of the Predator Lagoon entrance.

There are hardly any people here, it's so peaceful and tranquil. No annoying kids screaming, and splashing around in the water. Just pure bliss.

You can grab yourself a sunbed and lie half submerged in the shallow water.

This is my view from the sunbed.

Around me there are just palm trees absolutely everywhere. It's a really lovely mixture between the green trees and blue waters.

Here you can see the different gradients of blue as they transition to green and then back again.

One of the other great things about Paradise Lagoon is that it is connected to the sea. This means it has it's own marine ecosystem independent to the aquariums run by Atlantis. Here, all the fish and marine wild life are completely natural and free to roam the sea.

To explore the Paradise Lagoon, we can cross over a bridge to the other side, and pick up some snorkelling equipment.
As you can see, there are lots of mini paddle boats here which can be used on the Lagoon if you wish to rent one.

I was surprised to find quite a lot of fish in this Lagoon.

To attract their attention, you can just use a leaf to perturb the surface of the water, and they will come over thinking it's something to eat.

They don't seem to be afraid of humans at all. They swim so close to me and my camera that I often felt them physically touch me and the camera.

Luckily they don't appear to be carnivorous. If I was around this many Piranha's, I wouldn't be this relaxed.

Rides and Slides

One of the most popular 'rides' at the Aquaventure park is the river rapids. You sit on your own donut float and the artificial current of the water will whisk you away on a very wet, and exciting journey around the whole of the park.


It's really quite fun actually, and all the splashing around and rough water currents make for a very "cool" experience. You'll never feel too hot under the sun whilst on this ride because there's almost no chance that you'll stay dry!


Mayan Temple Slides

One of the signature buildings at the Aquaventure water park, the Mayan Temple is actually home to several slides each with their own offering.

The most exhilarating would be the Leap of Faith which features a near 60ft vertical drop from the top of the Mayan Temple.

For me, I opted for the Challenger Slide which is like a beginners option.

After the Challenger Slide, I decided to go for the Serpent Slide which is a twisty turny slide in the darkness culminating in a leisurely pass through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon.

So, after a look at the various water activities and facilities available at Atlantis, my personal feeling is that they do add a whole lot of value to the stay at the resort. Atlantis without the aquariums, lagoons, beaches, pools and water park would not feel like Atlantis, and that is part of the reason why people are willing to pay a premium to stay here.

If you are not interested by any of these 'extras' then you are likely better off staying at somewhere like Baha Mar, or even a budget option in downtown Nassau. That's perfectly reasonable too, after all, Bahamas is a lot more than just resorts such as Atlantis. In fact, I might avoid Atlantis altogether next time I visit, not because it's not a fantastic resort, not because it's not value for money (because it is fantastic and is value for money), rather because it's almost too distracting from the rest of Bahamas which I had less time to explore as a result of all the activities which keep you glued to Atlantis!

On the other hand, I can't praise it enough, and for first time visitors, I really couldn't recommend anywhere better.

I hope you enjoyed my round up of Atlantis' water park, beaches and lagoons. Please upvote the post if you like it, follow for more, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!




You got some skill brother. Well done.

O..M...G...!!!'s a M A R V E L O U S.....<<<<3 Amaz!nG <3.

thank you cryptohack! :)

well good illustrated version... i have some good picture collection hope you enjoy well

Oh my gosh carlosd15 Thank you so much for this, I love the video process you shared too, you are really quite talented! You got a full upvote from me!!

Here are the sources files for the illustration.
Please enjoy!

😋 It took me a quite long, I'm so happy you watched the video! I hope this could be useful for you, so let me post a download link for the source files. Please hold a second.

Hi @sweetsssj . Thank you for liking my previous article. Please have a look at my recent travel blog. | Wanderlust #1 - A Stoners paradise called Kasol

Not a promotion, all I am looking for is, a review from the best travel blogger on Steemit (Flag if you find it crappy). Love your work. Stay awesome!

wonderful post mohit18jan, looking forward to more!

Thank you @sweetsssj for your feedback; means a lot to me!

wow such beautiful pictures! I'd like to travel take nice pictures to put on steemit as well. Someday ^_^

Someday is the right attitude. Don't shake off the possibility. Treat yourself to a great time. Best of luck.

The Atlantis looks awesome and there are so many activities, I've only been to the one in Dubai so far but seems like I need to visit the Bahamas soon!

On a different note, please check I've messaged you

I have to visit Bahamas too.

honour to have the sirwinchester grace my post!! Yes I will reply back on Steemit chat :)

The one at The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai is awesome. I haven't been to Atlantis (didn't have that much but have been to Palm Jumeirah beach. How was Monorail experience?

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Nice photos :)

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yes, i will go to Atlantis!!!

Great post, nice pictures. Thank you.

thank you jrlo!

wonderful photography~~~

You know what would work really well? You and I teaming up. You in your bathing suit, I in my leather suit with cape. We'd be a most dynamic duo.

I need some relief, being the dark knight is not easy

cool pic 😋

thanks dandi :)

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I hope you can visit sabang island in #aceh

OMG where did you get your rainbow purse? I LOVE IT!

Haha, I thought it was cute that you stuck a Steemit tag on your belly!

Really incredible photos :)


definitly cute...the rainbow purse of @sweetsssj is dobe...
i know she loves to share;)
nice comment

haha thanks! :) Yes, I need to get one.... LOL but I'm also trying to be a minimalist... ahh the troubles :P

yeah...soo much troubls...good opton
which area do you blog

thank you karen!! I got it from Topshop haha, you should pick one up too!!

Love that store. Cute cute cute. :) Happy traveling girlfran!

Water slides are my best friends.

maybe not my best friend, but good friend heehee :)

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Beach tower is a good choice! Affordable option and still includes access to all of Atlantis! :)

hello sweetssj i m working on my post like to told me yesterday
i got a lot of energy from you thx a lot of and this an other article if you have time to check it please

u are the best @sweetsssj

Hello Mrs. @sweetsssj how are you ?? I saw and I read on your latest blog about Travel that you posted 10 hour ago. Amazing, Wonderful, Fantastic and very interesting. So, I want to imitate your travels and then Iwant to creat a blog like yours. I always waiting your latest post from yesterday. But Here your one creative travel at Aquaventure Water Park. Thanks for your creation and thanks for your sharing. Its surely very motivating me Mrs. @sweetsssj.
Take care my senior, I will always learn it with your blog.

thank you so much joe, i'm humbled that you wait for my blog! Sometimes I can't manage to put one out everyday, although that's my usual frequency, but I hope you can appreciate that I never try to rush these things. I'm very glad it is motivating to you and hopefully more people will see your beautiful blogs soon! :)

I always look forward to every post you.
I really liked the vacation to the beach.
I also every week is always on holiday kepantai.
If you have time, try coming to my area in Aceh.
I'm @aroyl say thank you.

thanks aroyl, feels like a lot of my readers are from aceh, it will be an interesting visit one day :)

If you have time and opportunity, try to visit Aceh.
I'm sure you'll love it.
Because I see you are a true adventurer.
In Aceh you will enjoy the natural beauty that is still very natural.
There are so many beautiful places that have not been touched by the hands of ignorant human beings.
I am sure you will definitely enjoy a nice holiday.
And will gain a new experience.
I @aroyl will be waiting for your visit.

Atlantis beach is so exotic and amazing in addition to a very large aquarium with sharks, stingrays are so beautiful really amazing greeting I think steemit friends should be grateful to you who always provide a very interesting tourist destinations and your post is always beautiful To be enjoyed and very useful. Best regard community steemit indonesia @sweetsssj 😊

you're welcome riezky, and hello to Indonesia :)

I hope you soon promote the beauty of Indonesia. For steemit friends around the world

My introduce is @ carny86. I am from aceh. I want to aspire to study in china. By the way .... your post is very interesting and beautiful. You are like a great writer. You are like a movie star and artist entertaiment famous in the world of cinema. You are very beautiful, whether you are married or you are still singgle.boleh we are friends in this platform. Will you help and support me here. I have no one here. Thanks you very much. I love to visit your blog.

thank you steemcarny86, hope to see you stick around for the long term, the community is fantastic and you will make lots of really good friends here making it so much worth your time regardless of whether you make good rewards or not!

As always... a great read! The aquapools look amazing. I have a question however.... after following you for just over a month, i have noticed that you are always alone in your photos... not a critism... just an observation. Surely you share these experiences of yours with other people that you meet along the way?

Hello @sweetsssj there is bonus for users

Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride water slides. For guests under 48” we have a great children’s pool play area – Splashers – designed with the youngest in mind so no one will get left out!

Wristbands are required and can be obtained at any outdoor “Towel Hut” within Aquaventure.

Life jackets are provided free of charge.

Sandals or water shoes are strongly recommended - the Carribean sunshine heats-up our pathways.

Aquaventure is one of the largest waterparks in the Eastern Hemisphere and is designed to be a multi-day experience.

Lockers are available for daily rental at the Aquaventure Hospitality Center to secure personal items. In addition, pool safes are located on some of the lounge chairs within Aquaventure.

For those guests looking for a more private experience within Aquaventure, book an Aquaventure private cabana that provides food and drink service, refrigerator, personal safe, fan and more! The cabanas are just steps from our legendary pools and water attractions.

Thanks you

thank you for this :)

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oh my gosh, i'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you can resolve it with Bittrex soon, and in the mean time, please try not to get too worried about it. Things will work out in the end!

what a very good response from you @sweetsssj , I agree. @ijoel remember the song by Bob Marley : dont worry about a thing...because every little thing, gonna be alright!!! Keep steeming, you are in the right place and your success is near .

One thing that is consistent across all the hotels available at Atlantis, is the access to the beaches, aquaventure water park, and the marine aquariums.

Considering a non-Atlantis guests will pay around $135 USD for a day pass to Aquaventure water park and Atlantis' beaches, you might even consider your room to be quite value for money given that access to these facilities are inclusive of your room price (even the value option of Beach Tower).

this is a very balanced review of the Atlantis resort experience. This post alone should be required reading fro anyone planning a trip to the Bahamas. You very succinctly summarized the upside and downside of staying at a resort and even compared the various hotels within the resort in terms of price, value for dollar and amenities. If I were anticipating a visit to the islands I'd appreciate this detailed summary.

Your photos and vids were excellent, not only because they depicted the wide range of activities offered from water slides, to rock climbing and paddle boats, but also because they captured the breathtaking kaleidoscope of activities available . Thankfully, shark lagoon was a little more tame than I first imagined. I had visions of swimming with sharks, literally!

Your summation at the end said it all- a second trip is required to see all the other sights and experiences the Bahamas has to offer. That shouldn't be too painful :)

An excellent post, @sweetsssj

Thanks john, again you've made a lovely comment detailing lots of my finer points in the post. I usually don't like to sit on the fence about things because then people really aren't picking up on whether I actually liked it or not.. However, it's such a difficult task to review a place as expansive and feature filled as Atlantis, and there are no doubt pros and cons to staying here.

Because it was my first visit, you can imagine I was quite fond of Atlantis, but I imagine the novelty will be less strong on my second visit, especially whilst other places in Bahamas await my visitation.

I hate to put Steemit friends through another month of Bahamas posts in such short time frames, so my next visit will likely be quite some time in the future!

Thanks again John x

This is giving me serious FOMO! I want to go so bad lol - I was in the Bahamas for a 7 day cruise about 6 years ago and have the itch to go back. Thank you for this amazing review and experience... I will have to start planning a trip!! @sweetsssj

Thank you joe!! I was only there about 10 days ago and I miss it so much already. I need a home there!

You are welcome @sweetsssj very inspirational and awesome to see! Gives all of us something to shoot for and visit in the near future :)

Hi @sweetsssj quick question, when did you start on steemit and do you have any suggestions for those just getting started on this website? Thank you so much in advance! -JoeParys

@sweetsssj That video of you at the beach... Is that a Steemit shirt?

Your photos are the absolute best! Thank you for sharing your adventures in Atlantis because your post reminded me of the trip I took with my wife where we snuck in for free without buying a wristband 😃

Wow! Just another great, high quality post. Thanks @sweetssj, i just learned all about Atlantis, AND, how to do an awesome steemit post.
You're the bomb dot com!

Cheers! from @thedamus

thanks thedamus, hope you got some enjoyment from it too :)

You are always a delight ssj :)

The place looks awesome , I think I will chose Atlantis due to your recommendations and to be where the shows are going on. Thanks a lot for sharing this and be safe.
Do not forget to see my latest blog post on why people should stop whining and buy steem.

Keep up the quality posts my dear , be safe and more success. You always have my upvote.

Thank you charles! I will definitely check out your post! Keep on steeming my friend 😊

Great, thanks for your comment and do not forget to see my post.

you are welcome my dearest one and more success to you. Keep steeming.



Welcome to visit the Peak District in England, completely different landscape.




那你得抓紧了, @tumutanzi 年底回国。。不过,我一直在剑桥。 :)





looks fun! thanks for sharing :)

thank you dear, as always, you're very welcome!

your posts are something to learn from

That water slide action was INSANE @sweetsssj!
Never shying away from a daredevil adventure are you ? haha

If only I had the courage to take a "leap of faith". I ended up going on the more simple options :D :D

Simple options are good and trusted, and a 'leap of faith' once in a while will get the adrenaline pumping like nobody's business :)
It really did look like a load of fun though out there :D

@sweetsssj Where do you call Home? Also, I was wondering what kind of camera you use.


@sweetsssj you have a way of tickling my fancy and upping my appetite with your exciting narratives and choice of diction! you are truly my primadonna...
nice sun beads at Cove beach..little wonder you are well tanned! you look stunning at the atlantic beach...nice and clean. usual looking soo charming at the pool with well curved shape to turn any stiff neck! ;)
Love the Challenger Slide, and the Serpent Slide which looks very interesting
nice one as always
keep it your work and your making steemit more interesting at this challenging times...a true steemit travel ambassador!

Atlantis Awesome, looks amazing!!!

Disney Atlantis.gif

thank you! I totally agree!

Nice use of gifs and so colorful. Looks like somewhere I need to travel to!

thank you! I quite like the new way we can use gifs in blogs, they add some extra dimension whilst not taking too much attention away from the fact it's still a blog!

Yea it's a really good addition to your posts to keep people engaged so keeep on it. I'm still getting my head around how to actually create gifs, I'm not having too much success in photoshop as I'm still learning!!!

Hi, you always make a good post, with your various travel experiences.
I love it, ranging from photo photo collection with beautiful background, to the way you convey the content of your travel story, very interesting.
Very deserve to get a lot of upvote support and followers.
congratulation for you @sweetsssj

thank you yuslindwi, you're very kind with your comment and thank you for taking the time to read and comment, very appreciative of that! :)



I like toast 🍞

This is WONDERFUL, @sweetsssj! I love your style of posting. It's SO fun. Keep up the AWESOME content! I now want to go to Atlantis :-)As a fellow traveler, I'm going to follow you and your adventures! Cheers to Wanderlust! I hope you'll follow me back! <3

Going there this fall. Thanks for the preview!
Looking forward to it even more now.

fantastic! I hope to see many blogs from you about it when you go :)

The temple slides look really fun. I'm always amazed how tropical fish seems so tame and fresh water fish are so hard to get them to come up to you.

that's a good point brian, maybe the tropical fish are used to visitors?

Maybe but fresh water fish back in Indiana are used to people being around in a lot of ways but they wouldn't just come up to you like that unless they were tricked and didn't realize what they were swimming up to.

I'm sure that might be part of it but it seems like even when people will scuba dive out on a reef the tropical fish are just all around and pay no attention to people.

very interesting, but i thought Atlantis was destroyed
by an Vulcano eruption !? :)
I like very much the Mayan Temple Slide
looks like amazing fun, STeemON

haha love the gifs! Gif overloooooadddd!!

yeah, letz do the fun danz :)

Nice underwater view and great post !

Thank you padmakshi, that's such a cute little mouse! Is it a mouse???

@sweetsssj guess you are fine and working on the nice post to wow your fans? just checking on you.

I love travelling and your post about travel it's nice I like this post, anyway you can visit my blog post @jyotirmay I hope you like it .......:) :)

I Just started to resteem your stuff... You keep sharing with us your experiences, that's amazing my friend. I am hoping you will enjoy this thought:

thank you for this jesusdaily, really appreciate it, i'll take a look at the link :)

Atlantis! I shall be there soon.

Thanks a lot, by making us feel proud to see and visit this through your eyes

Really appreciate it

you're welcome bitzoner, invite you to follow for more in the future :)

Thats amazing once again @sweetsssj
Loved the details...!
Brilliant pictures...!

thank you mohsinali! enjoy ^^

Outstanding content! I enjoyed the animated gifs. Very colorful and energetic. Thanks for posting this.

thank you pixzelplethora, and you're very welcome 😊

Great quality in photography I love them

thanks auditore! Much appreciated 😊

To travel is to release your stress from work, forget your problems for a while, and to enjoy life to the fullest. But to travel with you is more than that notions. Hoping to travel with you soon.
Please follw me at @JoshuaSalang and visits my blog please.

you are always have way more fun than me all the time! lol

Oh no dear @sweetsssj , next time it will not be the Bahamas again, you spent quite a lot of time there! Next one is Mauritius! Just because of you and some other steemians i made a post on my country!
Please check it out and i am sure you'll book your next flight ticket for Mauritius! You will find the array of food too on another one i just made!
As usual @progressivechef

Thank you dear, Mauritius has been on my list for quite some time now, I actually have a friend who comes from there, hopefully i'll get a good tour when they're free!

Oh that's great! Let me get collect some bucks here and then for sure I'll offer you the trip - all inclusive!
Thanks a lot for always reverting back dear @sweetsssj! You rock!

Haha cool fishes, not to swim away from people ! :D

they are really cool with people I realised.. at first I thought they might be scared and swim off!

I feel like going now

living life to the fullest...wish i could experience those things too..

i'm sure you will! Good things comes to those who are patient and wait for the best things :)

Preciosas fotos😍😘

hello spanish @maite 😊❤️

I have to ask, WHERE is your rainbow purse from?? I'm so obsessed!! Also, cute waterslide gifs ♡♡

haha naomi, i got it from topshop! I don't know if there is one where you are??

No way!! I love it so much 😍