Reminiscing and Reflecting on Pinmapple and Haveyoubeenhere! 🗺🔍

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Hey Steemit!

If you caught my last post, you'd know that I recently found out about the contests hosted by the amazing team at Pinmapple!
The first was where you had to write about where you would travel to if you had US$1000, which I think is a very interesting topic for a contest. It was definitely fascinating to read others' choices and the rationale behind them. Btw I also participated in this if you wanna check it out:

If I Had $1000, I would go... Camping under a Celestial Spectacle 🌠


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But the other contest they're hosting is regarding User Experience of their platform, either pinmapple and/or their new app Haveyoubeenhere!

Now personally I haven't had the chance to post on Haveyoubeenhere yet, since I recently changed my phone from android to an iPhone and I haven't gotten around to transferring my travel photos yet (curse you iTunes and iOS file management in general). But I did try creating a waypoint it was very easy and intuitive imo. The image sourcing based on my phone's GPS is actually really accurate and the overall interface is quite minimalist and neat, which I really appreciate. The home page resembles instagram which I think most of us are quite used to at this point so this makes it easier for people (esp those not on hive) to use the app as well.

I do wonder if there will be a night mode option since I very much prefer a dark theme, but if not that's fine too.

As for pinmapple, I've been a very long time user of the site; ever since they were still called Steemitworldmap, in fact. Sean told me about it back when I first started posting on Steemit and it was really easy to use. The UI has undergone some minor changes here and there since those days but I think it's just as intuitive now as it was back then.

In fact, I've been documenting and pinning down my trips ever since I started my Travel series back on Steemit!

TacoCat's Travels (Finland) #1: A Gastronomic Goodbye


And since then I've written about 5 more trips we've taken!

|TacoCat’s Travels #30 (Japan Ver1): A Wintry Welcome 日本へようこそ!|image.png

|TacoCat’s Travels #40 (Vietnam 1.0): Xin chào việt nam! 👋|image.png

|TacoCat’s Travels #59 (Paris): A Secret Above the City 🏙|image.png

|TacoCat’s Travels #72 (Japan 2.0): On Top of the World! 🏙|image.png

|TacoCat’s Travels #78 (Taiwan): Taking off To Taiwan! 🛬|image.png

But anyway, I've been liking pinmapple a lot and it's been so convenient and easy to use for as long as I remember.

Although the search function is not as accurate as Google when it comes to searching for relatively obscure places, it's not too difficult to pinpoint the exact location you're trying to find on pinmapple since you can get a code from virtually anywhere on the map. I actually mainly use it just to get codes for my travel and foodie posts and it helps when I want to locate my posts from a specific country I've traveled to. It's also very useful for finding others' posts from a country you intend to travel to as well.


I'm so glad Pinmapple is doing so well and that many people are now on the site marking their travels. Back when I first started using it I remember there were no posts at all for Finland and I think I was the first one to start pinning locations there, since we went there on a student exchange program for 5 months.


But I recently went to check my Finland posts and unfortunately, all my pictures seem to be broken or something on Peakd! 😣 For example in this post here. I'm not sure if it's just me though. It's really quite sad since I put a lot of work into positioning and uploading the photos. They seem to appear fine on Steemit since that was where I originally posted it but the migration to hive and the link to peakd must have screwed it up somehow. I'm not sure how I can fix that without reuploading everything so if someone knows how to rectify that I'd appreciate the help!

I really like the integration of pinmapple with travelfeed though; it's been super helpful and convenient so I don't have to open another tab and search for the location I want to pin.


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I think overall, pinmapple has been a real motivation for me to keep posting about my trips. I really appreciate the huge support from the community and curators, especially @LivingUKTaiwan, @itchyfeetdonica and @lizanomadsoul, all of whom have regularly curated and featured my posts. Thank you so much!! 😊

Congratulations again to Pinmapple on over 1,000 #traveldigest posts and more than 55,000 posts pinned! Kudos to the curators as well for working tirelessly to manual curate all the travel posts and collating them in the travel digests! Their hard work motivates everyone to post and promote high quality content for all to enjoy!

But I guess that's all I have for now. Thanks for reading and all the best to the other writers participating in the contests!

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