Amazing Pattaya Floating Market, Thailand

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If we talk about Pattaya, you may know that it is famous for having beautiful white sand beaches and popular night entertaining places in Thailand.

But, today, I would like to show you another place in Pattaya that is also very amazing. It’s called, “Pattaya floating market”. There are a lot of interesting things to see and to buy; i.e. many souvenir shops selling local products, handmade products with Thai styles, etc.

The products will vary according to lifestyle of each region.

For products from Northern part, I like wood carvings, silverware, silk or paper umbrella, etc.

For products from Central part, I like ornaments, bags, etc.

For products from North-East part, I like local silk, fragrant candles, etc.

For products from Southern part, I like batik, products made from coconut, etc.

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Apart from those products, there are also plenty of foods which have unique style from four regions of Thailand. They are very delicious.

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Pattaya Floating Market9.jpg

Besides, if you visit there, you can see the ways of life of Thai people and the cultures of each region as well. And there are many interesting things to see.....

Pattaya Floating Market6.jpg

Pattaya Floating Market1.jpg

Pattaya Floating Market2.jpg

Pattaya Floating Market3.jpg

Pattaya Floating Market24.jpg

Pattaya Floating Market23.jpg

Those houses that you see near the water were built beautifully with Thai ancient style.

You will also see a lot of boats selling various kinds of fruits and foods. This was our lifestyle in the old days because river was the main transportation at that time.

I also like their idea in building those bridges over the water to connect each parts of the area. I think you will enjoy taking photos with beautiful view while standing on the bridge, for sure.

Pattaya Floating Market15.jpg

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Pattaya Floating Market25.jpg

Let's go!


I remember I visited there last 4 years ago.

Ah! That's really great! Thanks so much for your comment and stopping by! ;)

You’re welcome 😊

this is such an interesting place, my friend! I love the souvenir shops and the floating market! I've seen it in movies and I've always wanted to experience it myself! Thank you for all these wonderful pictures!

PS: I can see Durian in the smoothie stand. A fruit shake sounds delightful in a day like today when the temperature is almost at 40C!

I much appreciate for your nice comment. It’s great to know that you found this place interesting and you want to experience the souvenir shops and the floating market by yourself. And yes, the fruit shake is certainly delightful for us among the hot days like these. ;)

That looks like a nice market, i would love to go see it in person!

Thanks a lot for your nice comment and stopping by. I'm glad to hear that you like the market and would love to go see it in person. ;)

This is new to me!! I haven’t been to Pattaya for many years!! It’s nice to see this kind of market near water with rowing boats selling fruits. Very nice atmosphere with so many customers!


Thanks a lot for your nice comment. It's very nice market indeed, I especially like the way the market is near water, too. I would recommend you to visit there someday.... ;)

What an interesting place to visit. I know I would enjoy it very much, especially learning about the lifestyles of the different regions. From the old days of little boats selling their wares, to a huge floating market ship. : ) I love how the home-made items are still being made. That is part of the culture that should never change. : )

Thanks so much for your nice comment. It's good to know that you found this place interesting and would like to learn about our lifestyles via this market. ;)

I like the home-made items, too. It's unfortunate that they are seldom used nowadays.

It’s a very beautiful place. 😋😍

Thanks so much for your nice comment and stopping by! I'm glad you like the place. ;)

This post is missing .that is great photography . nice look place

Thanks so much for your nice comment. I'm glad you found the place interesting. ;)

@tangmo, Pattaya Floating Market is a really amazing place. Busy crowded indeed lot of market things available to selling. Outstanding scenery shown me via photo clicks. Well description also mention. Thanks for all updating us.

Thanks so much for your nice comment. I'm glad you found the place and the description interesting. I like the scenery, too. ;)

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Thank you! ;)

Wow great life enjoy and really look shop. excellent photography
100% vote

Thanks a lot for your nice comment and resteem my post. I'm glad you enjoy seeing the place and like the photos. ;)

This is pretty cool place thanks for showing us around had a great time watching and exploring it

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad you like the place. ;)

Thailand is very famous for tourist attractions, almost all foreign tourists want to vacation to Thailand, including me hehehe ..

Thanks a lot for your nice comment and stopping by. Ah! I'm glad to hear that! ;)