Beautiful temple - Wat Uposatharam, in Uthai Thani province, in the North of Thailand

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Wat Uposatharam2.jpg

As there are many interesting things and beautiful buildings in Wat Uposatharam, refer to my post,, I would like to show you more new photos of this temple today.

As I said before, if you love architecture, you would certainly love this temple.

The Viharn and other buildings, including the white pagodas with various styles and shapes, are attractive with magnificent architecture.

Wat Uposatharam1.jpg

Wat Uposatharam5.jpg

Wat Uposatharam13.jpg

Wat Uposatharam12.jpg

Wat Uposatharam14.jpg

The mural paintings both outside and inside of the Viharn are marvelous.

They described well the story of Buddhism and the ways of life of our Thai local people in the old days via the arts.

The paintings may look old, but they are valuable for history and especially for our minds.

Wat Uposatharam6.jpg

Wat Uposatharam7.jpg

Wat Uposatharam9.jpg

Wat Uposatharam8.jpg

Wat Uposatharam11.jpg

The golden Buddha statues with the standing and sitting poses are beautiful and look sacred.

We, as Buddhists, normally use beautiful lotus for paying homage to the Buddha statues.

Especially on significant Buddhism Days, we decorate the banana trees with money and other decorations beautifully for making worship to the Buddha statues and for making merit to the temple.. (you may notice part of them from the photo.)

Wat Uposatharam10.jpg

In the below photo, you will see the ancient wooden boat with a beautiful design. It's the boat that our ancient King used for the visit to this temple in ancient times.

It’s said that this was over 100 years ago.

Oh! It’s incredible that this boat is still in good condition. It’s well preserved indeed.

There are plenty of colorful garlands that people used for worship to the boat as well.

Wat Uposatharam17.jpg

Wat Uposatharam3.jpg

Wat Uposatharam4.jpg

Wat Uposatharam16.jpg

As I told you in my mentioned post, this temple is situated beside the river, it has nice atmosphere, especially when the sun’s going down, the river looks calm and peaceful....

Wat Uposatharam.jpg


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Thanks a lot! ;)

Another stunning place. It seem like I would have to spend years in Thailand to see all the beautiful places you have shared.

Ah! That'll be really great...... Hope everything is back to normal very soon, so you can plan a trip to Thailand and stay as long as you can.... Many thanks for your nice comment. ;)

A beautiful place to visit one day! It’s interesting to see the old wooden boat used by the King over a hundred years ago!!

The place is beautiful and the old wooden boat is interesting indeed. Thanks a lot! ;)

You must have spent a lot of time getting perfect results, keep up the spirit of brother

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I'm glad you like these. ;)

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