Khao Lom Muak, one of the must-see tourist attractions in Thailand - Part II

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Khao Lommuak62.jpg

When reaching the top of the hill, you will see an amazing view of the sea, as you already saw in my previous post,

One of the most popular spots for photography is the sign that is written in the Thai language, which means “The ones who win “Khao Lom Muak”. And you are at the height of 902 feet.

I’m quite sure that, if you are among the ones who win “Khao Lom Muak”, you will be proud of yourself as it’s not easy to get there, but you can do it.

And the fascinating sea view and those wonderful small islands are a valuable reward for your great effort….

Khao Lommuak21.jpg

Khao Lommuak22.jpg

Khao Lommuak60.jpg

Khao Lommuak61.jpg

Apart from the sign, there is also a replica of the Buddha's footprint and relics. The Buddha statues are beautiful and look sacred. The top of the small building is magnificent.

Many people come to worship these and pray for their success. We also believe that these can protect us from any dangers, so we can climb down to the foot of the hill with safety.

Khao Lommuak65.jpg

Khao Lommuak55.jpg

Khao Lommuak78.jpg

Apart from the sea view, the greenery in the hill would make you feel relaxed and refreshed....

Khao Lommuak81.jpg

Khao Lommuak82.jpg

Khao Lommuak80.jpg

Khao Lommuak79.jpg

Next post, I will show you more photos of the beautiful view from Khao Lom Muak. Please stay tuned!


Nice place and very beautiful sea view, thanks for sharing

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for resteem my post. I'm glad that you found the place interesting. It's a nice place and the sea view is beautiful indeed. ;)

the sea and islands look great, nature is the perfect complement, it is a great place, it is definitely a good place to relax and share with friends and family

Well said! I absolutely agree with you, nature is the perfect complement indeed. Thanks a lot! ;)

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