Wat Phra That Bang Phuan, a beautiful and sacred temple in Nong Khai, in northeastern Thailand

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Phrathat Bangpuan7.jpg

Wat Phra That Bang Puan is one of the beautiful and sacred temples in Thailand. It’s situated in Nong Khai province, in the northeastern part.

There are important 7 historic monuments that were simulated from the places related to Lord Buddha after enlightenment; Bodhi Throne, ancient pagodas, and other interesting things such as old stone inscription, etc.

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Phrathat Bangpuan.jpg

The white chedi in the first photo and in the below photos is my most favorite. It’s very magnificent.

According to our belief, Lord Buddha’s relics stay inside the chedi.

Phrathat Bangpuan1.jpg

Phrathat Bangpuan9.jpg

If you are interested in studying the archaeological site, you would certainly love to visit this temple.

In the meantime, if you love nature, you would love to go to the following place that is situated in the same province as this temple. The place is called “Wang Bua Dang”.

Wang means palace (in this case, it may mean “flower field”)
Bua means lotus
Dang means red

There are a lot of beautiful lotus blooming in the large lake. All of them are in bright red (or pink) color. The contrast of the red (pink) of the lotus flowers and the green of the lotus leaves makes the place look very fascinating. Ah! I really love these. It’s such an abundance of nature indeed.

You can admire this lotus field from the bank of the lake or you can go by boat to see them closely. Being among them would be really great moment, right?

Phrathat Bangpuan16.jpg

Phrathat Bangpuan10.jpg

Phrathat Bangpuan11.jpg

Phrathat Bangpuan12.jpg

Phrathat Bangpuan13.jpg

Phrathat Bangpuan14.jpg

Phrathat Bangpuan15.jpg

I do hope you find Wat Phra That Bang Phuan and Wang Bua Dang interesting. ;)

P.s. These photos came from my sister.


Wow! The lotus are amazing and look at how many there are. I bet the aroma from them is heavenly. This is definitely a place for me to enjoy. The beautiful temple has a very long name and I love the old stone monuments. I always look forward to your interesting posts @tangmo! : )

Ah! Your "wow" and your nice comment always makes me happy. I love lotus, too, especially when there are plenty of them in the same place like these. The old stone monuments are amazing and I love them, too. Many thanks, my sis! ;)

Like I have told you before...when you are happy, I am happy! Hugs for my sis! : ) : ) : )

Me, too! I always feel the same as you, my dear sis! LOVE LOVE... ;))))

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Thank you very much. ;)

Such a cool place, it makes me love Thailand even more

Oh! I'm really happy to know that it can make you love Thailand even more. Thanks so much for your nice comment. ;)

Very nice day to take a trip and nice photos! You visited Nongkhai lately?!

Thanks so much for your nice comment. Ah! This was my sister's trip, not mine. If I plan to visit Nongkhai, I'll let you know for sure. ;)

Have a nice day!

Very busy here!

Many thanks!

Take care and have a wonderful day! ;)

Someday I want to be there. I love lotus :)

Oh! I'm very glad to know that you want to be there someday. I love lotus, too. Thanks so much for your nice comment and for stopping by. ;)

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Thank you very much, @theshaki! ;)

Lovely pictures, @tangmo! That lotus pond looks really big :) Nice to see you are still around too!

I'm very glad to see you are still around, too. Thanks a lot for your nice comment and for stopping by. Yeah! The lotus pond is really big indeed. I love the place very much. ;)

such a divine place to be at looking so beautiful :)

Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad to know that you like the place. ;)

This is not only interesting but also so very inspiring. I've always wanted to visit Thailand and so many of the magnificent temples there and around the world. I am a big fan of the architecture and sculpture, but I'm am a true believer of the meaning they carry within. These are absolutely lovely photos and I am so happy I could see this. Have a blessed weekend ❤️

Thank you very much for your nice comment and for visiting my blog. I'm very happy to know that you always wanted to visit Thailand and found Thai temples interesting. I'm a big fan of architecture and sculpture of temples, too. Have a wonderful week! ;)

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Thank you very much. ;)