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Hey there our most famous people!

Today we are taking you with us on our second road trip day here in Crete. This time we went to the southern part of the island to an old (that used to be) hippie town. And what's fun about this is that the hippies used to live in the caves and grow weed.

So if you wanna know more and enjoy the trip with us make sure to watch the whole vlog.

Let us know if you liked this vlog and would love to see more these kind of vlogs!

Love you all!

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I’m very glad I started following you, because you post is really good

Oh awww thank you so much @hiranur! mean so much to us that you are enjoying our content! Make us feel that we are doing something right! Thank! ;)

I am eagerly waiting for your next post on travelling experience.

Thanks for your nice comment! Make sure that you check out our newest blog posts!

I must go find this.

oh yea definitely! MUST DO! hehe

thanks for the invitation and the information of the site, this is a great post, your initiative is great and your adventurous spirit is fabulous. :-)

Thank you very much sweet girl!! Hope you'll follow our adventures !!! :)))

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iam waiting for your new post your post very nice love this

Thank you so much! truly appreciated! (h) :))