Travel to Kuakata, Patuakhali

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Kuakata is the southernmost bride of the South. It is the only beach in South Asia from which you can see both sunrise and sunset.
Kuakata Sightseeing

  • sea beach
  • Dry pallets
  • Gangmati jungle
  • Crab Island
  • Forest of Fatara
  • Limit Buddhist Temple
  • Keranipara
  • Misripara Buddhist Temple
    How to go
    Kuakata can be accessed from Dhaka by river and road. The easiest transit system is Patuakhali at the launch from Sadarghat in Dhaka, from there to Kuakata by bus.
    There is a bus service from Kuakata to Inter-District Bus Terminal. Besides, Sakura transport, speed transport, Surabi transport bus goes to Kuakata from Dhaka's Gabtali bus station. The rent is from 500 to 500 pieces.
    From Sadarghat in Dhaka, Patuakhali goes to MV Parabat, MV beach, MV Sundarbans, etc. launches. Rent first class single cabin from Tk 500 to Tk 5,000, Dual cabin Tk 5,000 to Tk 5,500.
    Where to stay
    There are different quality hotels for tourists to stay in Kuwait. The best accommodation system is the Youth in Kuakata by the Tourism Corporation (125-220). The hotel has rooms of different quality ranging from Rs.
    Apart from this, another hotel of the tourist corporation is the Tourist Holiday Home (121-5). There are rooms at this hotel for Rs. Booking for both hotels can be booked from the tourist headquarters in Dhaka. Communication 12-6, 12-12.
    Other good quality hotels in Kuakata are Hotel Banani Palace (122-12), Hotel Quakat Inn (127-5), Hotel Nilanjana (121-6), Hotel Golden Palace (121-6). Between 500 and 2,000 in these hotels
    Hotel Eucalyptus 01829 44 00 44, Hotel Graver Inn 125, Hotel Beaches, Sky Cottage 01711-542881,
    01552-331362 (Double Tk. 2).
    In Quakata - Little Inside The Sea - 01911-672135 01712-849373, Beach Haven, Hotel Attractions
    Ship rent: 1 taka (for 5 people)
    Bus fare: Tk 20 (Barisal to Kuakata)
    Hotel Rent: Tk 20 (Couples)
    Breakfast: 1 x 1 = 1 taka
    Lunch: 25 X 5 = 1 Taka
    Dinner: 25 X 5 = 1 Taka
    Evening meal: His goose goose.
    Other costs: 1 Taka.
    One person's cost: 1 taka.