Happy birthday, Canada!

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Canada will be celebrating its 150th anniversary on July 1. I want to wish my fellow Canadians a happy and safe holiday. From coast to coast, events will be happening to commence this important milestone.

Over the course of a century, Canada has given the world a lot of things. The game of hockey is old as the country itself; hockey greats like Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and many other players all came from Canada. We continue to produce the best hockey players in the world.

Besides hockey, another international sport was invented by a Canadian. Dr. James Naismith introduced the game of basketball to the world in 1891. Little did he know, this would become on of the most popular sports in the world.

Other famous people that are Canadian include: Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Seth Rogan, Bryan Adams, Drake and the ever popular Justin Bieber. It's been a wonderful 150 years...

Happy 150th anniversary Canada!

Image used courtesty of Pixabay.com


Canada is fucked. We celebrate this Canada day with very repressive free speech laws added to the books, and massive illegal immigration, and huge gaping budget shortfalls at all levels of government. This is not a happy year.

You think ur illegals immigration is bad, what about us down here? We got over 30million illegals, we are deporting their ass back to where they came from. You guy lucky u live up there we protect you from mexican border, you got a buffer. You need a trump up there.

No country is perfect bro, I'm thankful to be living in a Canada

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