Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Old Walls' (Part #279)

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'The Old Walls'


Walking through an old park on a good day. The spring seems to be almost here and the good feeling is in the air. I've parked my bike quite close, one cannot ride here. This part of an old wall with the bench in the middle is really interesting-looking. The scribbling retards had no respect for it...

The old walls testify of the past times when stones could protect someone. As years swept one another, we've been busy inventing many proficient ways of hurting fellow human that, in time, the walls and firing holes became obsolete. Except for the pigeons. They can still find a use for it.

Sometimes I wonder, why the human ability to hurt own kind, led to extensive progress in our history? The most important inventions were first used to kill people then only later on adopted for good causes. We believe that we rule the world and everything on it. The dominant species... The ones who invent machines so that they can kill each other for profit on grand scales. Kind of defeats the purpose... Weird, eh?

Under the wall, there is a dug-in entrance. Impressive view. Centuries-old stones all around the gates. This was the entrance to a little town that joined the city long time ago.

On the other side, we find an English pub, testifying of the changing wall-less times and all of the other good aspects of the world becoming one place for all. Let's sit and cherish the great idea of globalization on our terms, not theirs! ;-)

Enjoy your day! :-)

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"Globalization is a process of interaction and integration between different people, companies, and intergovernmental organizations, whose processes occur with technology and information with technology".

However, the most appropriate and best is: globalization is the ability of individuals to global mutuality globally.

Skeptics view the mythical globalization. They reject such terminologies as 'global economy', but they prefer to use the concept of economic globalization which is more meaningful than 'toward', compared to something that has become. Other issues that are often debated in the discussion of the meaning of globalization is the role of the nation-state Neoliberal views on the role of the nation-state are very clear, that the nation-state is an effective actor in the distribution of wealth and economic resources.

The neo-liberal phrase occurred in the early 1980s, the agenda of society they run is how to marginalize 'the state - countries are within the limits of regulatory provision, while they push the market in the economic process, in which globalization becomes a major component of male trafficking and investment, transnational corporations and global capital investment will look for lucrative areas and offer better ones.

The author also mentions that globalisa si, which is often voiced by globalists, is the world and markets are now integrated and connected to one another in an infinite global environment. As a social, economic, and political phenomenon today, globalization brings both positive and negative things. In other words, globalization is both an opportunity and a threat.

In ancient times these walls had a different purpose. They are well preserved to our time. Being in this park you can plunge into the atmosphere of the past.
Now these walls have a different meaning. Basically they are a "monument" to the memory of the past. And it's a good place for pigeons :)

Sometimes I wonder, why the human ability to hurt own kind, led to extensive progress in our history? The most important inventions were first used to kill people then only later on adopted for good causes.

This is a sad truth. And the truth is that humanity is the main threat to humanity and the planet. If there are extraterrestrial civilizations (and science says that this is so) then they will not come into contact with us for a long time. Humanity lives in a constant readiness for military action and in constant wars. I read that

Scientists have calculated that over the past 50 centuries, the peoples survived 14 thousand 500 large and small wars. For all the years of human existence, only 300 years have been absolutely peaceful.

That is why many scientists are afraid that artificial intelligence (when it will be created) will really declare war on humanity's main enemy - humanity. Paradox. But a fact.

"The scribbling retards" description of the day. Or the month :)

I would really like to see Globalization as a system of choice. I certainly do not want to see it as another 'dominated' society.

Thanks for another really cool look at a bit of your world. Always a pleasure.

Scary awakening, you are not afraid of the unseen things, if I may ask with whom you adventure?

alone usually. well, me the bike and the cameras :D

The post is kinda inspiring..... It makes me feel to leave the home and go gather some friends and move to see the better world. .....

But the thing is i dont own a car or a bike😂😂😂
So gonna try my luck here

Hola @velimir
Las fotografías geniales como siempre.
En ese banco se deben haber librado interesantes conversaciones. Pudieron haberse tratado de conspiraciones, ataques, revoluciones, guerra, políticas, religión, arte y cultura, educación, familia o simplemente amor.
Un lugar con muchas cosas que decir.
Un muro no es má que la división de dos. Divisiones solamente creadas por el hombre y que no duran toda la vida. Total luego pasas el muro y te tomas la cerveza en el PUB INGLÉS.
Para Las palomas no hay muro que las divida; ellas son del norte, sur, este y oeste y cualquier hueco le sirve de guarida.

The architecture is amazing! It makes me think of what it was like to live back in the early 1900’s. I love that structures like this wall are preserved. Seeing images from old Europe let you see that there was once a very different world than the one some people know as their only reality.

wow,really excellent place selecting doing for travel.its old wall but its beauty very remarkable.i can not expressed doing wall beauty.this design looks to attractive and interesting.i hope you enjoy to trip to see wall beautifull scenery.. you to travel drive to motor bike.thanks to sharing for your good post to travel...@velimir

Wonderful history here.. If those walls could only talk.. What a cool place though. With a pub right next door too. We have come along way in building today since those times. Thanks for sharing this wonderful part of history..

Good to see back the motor cycle travel blog, i missed it past few weeks on trending or hot topic. This is as always too good.

Yes sir,an old wall with the bench in the middle is really interesting-looking.

Its great post full of history.

These walls had a good purpose to protect people. I see that they are still in very good condition. I can notice through your words that being in that park you immersed yourself in the past.
I congratulate you, you are a very good observer and a very good rapporteur. Enjoy every image and every detail of them. Thank you for sharing and let us also travel through your post.

you are a very lucky person, always able to see the historic place, a unique place. You inspire a lot of people

Incredible. Pleased that you share your captivating moments with us. Keep it up . Cheers!

Yes, i am vote @adsactly for witness

Amazing story, I like it

Me pregunto cuantos años tendrán estas paredes... Si pudiéramos hablar con ellas seguro que tendrán más de mil historias para contarnos.

I read, see and enjoy amazing your innovative post can add knowledge, thank you for sharing.

nice also buildings old

nice photo, as usual)

Its totally beatytifull place you visited

i enjoy every word of this travel series :)

Enjoy your day too !! thanks to feed !

The pigeons are everywhere like the air. I realy love your motorcyvle travels, greetings!


Excelente información como siempre. Y las fotos, geniales @velmir.
Un abrazo.

i like those motorcycle Sir ! upvote please

tremendous records here.. If those walls may want to only talk.. What a cool area though. With a pub proper round the corner too. we've come alongside manner in building today considering that the ones instances. thanks for sharing this extremely good part of records..

Thanks for sharing @velimir

Pigeons sitting on the walls are making it more beautiful,
These walls look more beautiful when there is a shower beneath them and water falling on these walls makes it a wonderful view to watch.

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