Motorcycle travel series by @velimir 'Zagorje 27' (Part #83)

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That cool modern sun powered bench and the weird shop window both stay in the centre next to each other, as I climb the hill to the west of the town. I checked on the bike, quite needlessly, because the town seems completely free of living souls.

As I saunter and enjoy the fresh air, a little path leading to an opening appears in front of me.

My curiosity will probably kill me one day. I woke a giant wild cat from her slumber and she takes a long look at me.

I run as fast as I can before it jumps at me just to come by these guys. It seems that they are defending themselves from an unwanted visitor. The one on the right side gives me a look full of question marks.

Even their adversary, the wolf stops to wonder who is this guy wrapped in motorcycle leather.

Then he runs away, scared of the unknown. Then an unexpected happens. The bully who raised a large rock, losing its intended target, turns toward me and gives me a stare.

Now would be a good time to wake up from this nightmare, if I am dreaming, that is!


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lucky you wake up after looking at the simpanse almost throwing rock at you.
it might ask you for a kiss . .

yuuuuck! :D hahahaha

that is very Exciting walking. thanks boro for this post.

Again amazing pictures!
Now, I do hope you woke up from a dream yet if this was the dream one might not want to wake up. I for one, would love to walk between all those amazing statues.

Have a marvelous day!

I have read this post. I like is beautiful post and real . if you agree this then please vote me and fallow me.

nice post

lucky you👌👌👌 wake up after looking👌👌👌 at the simpanse👌👌👌 almost throwing rock at you💐💐💐

Dude, pls don't do this bot thing. Your bot copies someone else's comment and adds silly emoticons. Last time it did with @meesterboom 's comment and now with @ekavieka 's
I will down vote you if this happens again.

ouchh. .
just crazy with this kind of things.

Nice photos !
Enjoyed your post !
Upvoted !

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Cleverly put together man. The story and the pictures, you make it interesting.

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