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RE: Visiting Facebook in London

in #travel3 years ago

You forgot to mention, that basically all facebook users are paying for these glass palaces, cafeterias, snacks, roof tops with their data and attention. It's a bit like visiting a bank building and being astonished about the quality of the building and the number of employees ;) Have you talked also about Steemit? What was their reaction?


Someone provides a service, you use the service, you pay for said service, it’s business. I know that.

Yeah we talked a little about blockchain, reaction was pretty neutral.

They do not tell people the true cost of the service. Facebook is a government company designed to deceive, track & control the masses. Not sure steemit is any different

It used to be that there was no alternative to that business model -- to build a proper social network you had to have a lot of capital. But you're already using at least two blockchain alternatives to that system, if I'm not mistaken.

Intentionally or not, you're already subverting The Big Social. =D

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