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RE: My Never Ending Journey Across The World - Episode 8: My Last Days In Vietnam

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Bahaha I can't believe the thief/thieves stole your underwear and left the laptop behind! I mean, that's great for you, but it's pretty funny how they totally disregarded the most expensive item in your bag.

Also, that incident with your friend and the awkward :/ It was nice of him to hook you up with a job opportunity to get you to stay, but he totally went about it the wrong way. Oh well, I'm glad you still had a lovely time in Nam... especially in Hanoi..! lol


I couldn't believe it, either! I was left shocked, standing there wondering how their massive oversight happened. Thank goodness they were only on the hunt for money and underwear.

My god, he has no filters, I swear! He is an assuming man, always showing up unannounced and forcing me into awkward situations. He's the one who sung Can You Feel The Love Tonight? to me at his wedding party, if you read my post about the Vietnamese Wedding I attended last month.

Don't even get me started on Hanoi. One day I'll visit... maybe.