A Journey to the Himalaya

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When I was India a couple of months ago, I finished my trip by spending 1 month in the Himalaya more exactly the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.


Parvati Valley - Parvati being the last consort of Shiva, the valley is named after her .. A true heaven where the valley is populated by the scent of apple groves & wild hemp


To get there I ended up taking a 40 hrs train ride from Goa up to Chandigargh (A city at the footsteps of the Himalaya ) then a 15hrs bus to Manali.


I stayed in Vashisht, a small village up above from Manali. It was founded by guru Vashisht who was Ram's & Laxman's guru.

Hanuman meeting Ram & his brother Laxman

No need to take a shower everyday I would go bathe in the hot springs.

Vashisht Temple

A very easy life, this was a nice way to finish my journey in India as I knew I was coming back to Ireland & my summer would be busy.

I took all the time I needed, to rest, do yoga, sing mantra, meditate, go for long walks in the forest, & some bike rides around the valley.




I wish this on everyone.. I came back from India glistening!

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End of September I am going back to India.
Hopefully you can join me on my journey.
I will be going on a massive road trip starting in New Delhi.



hey @bleepcoin, will you be back in India anytime soon ?

Hey probably going in a couple of months, how about you?

Yep! Heading back out there end of September. Most probs be living in & around Goa so maybe see you there :p

Cool!! Looking to get there by early November, will let you know when I get it all sorted x

Will most definitely be there xx

hmm, some nice pictures of himachal. it is truly a serene wilderness perfect for rediscovering oneself. it is nice that you had a great time there. did you try the hot springs there? Fusion music is good there as well.

Oh yes ! the hot springs where my daily shower every day !!

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