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RE: ADSactly Travel - Driving Through Europe - Part#6

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What a great vacation! I enjoyed reading it, I can imagine how it was for you :)

That apartment looks really nice, I like the sound of the wooden floor, brings the history feeling to me. But, shower in the middle of the room, haha that's a funny and interesting thing. I bet nobody had that idea haha

The Port house looks amazing, future on top of the history. What an idea! And this museum, with clear windows and red bricks, is simply stunning. The visual side of it is brilliantly done, the mixture of windows and red brick is so great. I needed to google for more pics 'cause my jaw dropped to the ground! Art at its finest!

I'm sad to hear your phone turned back on you :( I believe we would see much more extraordinary photos, like in this post. Thanks a lot @lufcija for sharing your beautiful journey with us and givin us more details about it.

Safe travels, much love. Luka


Nice! : )

Bok Luka. I had a great time during this trip. I saw a lot of interesting and exceptional places. It was really funny to see the shower in the middle of the apartment and incredible architecture.

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Pozdrav :)

hehe Također uživaj, lijep pozdrav!

I think the museum was definitely my favorite. Such unique architecture I have never seen anything like it. I always loved wood and brick in a building. It definitely gives it a warmer feel for sure.