Will Crimea be the pearl of Russia

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A very interesting question I began to increasingly ask my subscribers regarding the future of Crimea. Especially a lot of similar comments came after I visited Sochi in August of this year. About the colossal difference between these two southern enclaves, I already wrote in one of the previous posts. Compare them completely impossible. They are not worse and not better than each other, they are just different. Moreover, this difference is so global that it is easier, perhaps, to say what they look like, than to list the differences.

But nevertheless there is one very important point about which I want to tell today. Sochi is an ultra-modern resort. There is absolutely everything, not only for a great holiday, but also for a comfortable life. At the same time, it should be understood that Sochi is a fully formed corner of Russia, and it will not change anymore. That is, that is, that is.

With the Crimea, everything is diametrically opposite. Today the peninsula is a white sheet of paper. The Crimea is in its own way a wild corner of nature, one might say, having no infrastructure at all in comparison with the resort of the Krasnodar Territory. But what exactly on this blank sheet of paper will be drawn on the total is a big and complex question. At one time, our president said that the Crimea will become the most comfortable corner of Russia. You can treat the president as you please, but for all the time he was in power, he never gave any reason to doubt his words.

Based on this statement, it can be assumed that the Crimea will be rebuilt, in fact, from scratch, which is actually what tens of thousands of builders and engineers who have come here from all over our immense homeland are actively engaged in. Someone will say that in four years there is not much global change, and I will disagree radically. There are changes, and they are really great. Just unlike Sochi, in the Crimea it is necessary to build everything, in the literal sense, from scratch.

Most of the iconic construction projects still do not affect large cities and towns, but this does not mean that they do not exist. The bridge alone is comparable in value and uniqueness to the construction of all the traffic arteries of the revived Sochi. But the construction of the Tavrid highway, several power stations is still under way, the construction of the airport has been completed, and the construction of a republican medical center is in full swing. I am sure that in a couple of years my hands will reach restoring order in the cities.

Of course, now life in the Crimea is not at all sugar. The feeling that you see every day is pretty depressing. However, I don’t have doubts that Crimea will really surpass competing Sochi in all respects. Well, in fairness it should be noted that it took almost ten years for Sochi to become like this now, and the Crimea returned to its native harbor only four years ago.


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