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in #travel5 years ago

After several days in Copenhagen and Malmö, I am leaving tomorrow for Poland, and these days were too full and a bit hectic, and between my different projects and running around taking pictures & etc, I didn't have enough time to write some posts that would do those places justice.

But I just have to share this with you:

Central square of Malmö. This is pure marketing genius.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post more tomorrow, or in a couple of days. I plan to stay for a few nights in Poland, then go back to Russia via Kaliningrad. Always wanted to visit it, my favorite german philosopher lived and is buried there.

And I have some more pictures and stories about Amsterdam as well as a thing that we discussed with @l0k1, called "A beer a day", which might be fun. ;)

As usual, this post is set to 100% SteemPower.

You could say, that "Today, I learned, how to be really creative with marketing and positioning". :-D


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Malmö <3

Malmö is really nice, although tonight is my last day here. :->

Mmmmm I see :(
Yes, really nice. One of my favorite places in the world. In the summertime is amazing!

I plan to drop by here some time in the future, since I have some friends living here.

And it is okay even at this time of year, but the weather is unnaturally good, or so I a, told. :)

malmö är trevli

Jag talar inte svenska, but yep, it is quite nice. :-)