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All good things come to an end.

And so does my stay at the city of Amsterdam. Later tonight, a bus would take me from Sloterdijk into the night, and tomorrow morning I would be in Copenhagen.

Fortunately, the weather of this last day is great. There was some nice sun in the morning, and since I had some tokens left from TonTon Arcade near the Old Church, I had to walk there and spend them.

As you know, I am a big fan of walking, and the compact nature of Amsterdam goes well with walking, although the people of the city prefer bicycles.

Anyway, this morning I walked some five kilometers to the city center from Sloterdijk (there is also Harlem nearby, but not that Harlem).

And here are some nice photos from the walk.

The weather was fine, and there was even some sun shining!

Sloterdijk has some nice industrial type things around it.

Probably the most interesting thing around Sloterdijk is this 1920 tram turned into cafe.

Near the entrance of the park the houses are all toy or fairytale like.

The park has lots of canals in it, and the vegetation is vibrant even this time of the year.

For some reason the place feels very dreamlike. Perhaps I'll be seeing this park in my dreams.

Following the yellow brick road.

There are even some mice in that park. Little lonely, though.

The pools and canals and the old Gas factory, I beleive.

Wester park is really beautiful, and is just a little off the beaten path. Fountains too!

We can't stop here, it is the duck country!

Amsterdam has lots of really nice industrial structures!

In the center the sun was shining and some light rain started, and the festive feel just meant I had to take this picture.

While I am quite rusty at Metal Slug, still was able to take first two places on the leaderboard with two tokens.

Now that those photos are out of my system, I can get back to playing the games, browsing the web, and in three-four hours, I should start walking back to the bus station. There is going to be some internet there, so I might be online a bit more. There are going to be some more stories about my stay in Amsterdam, as it was quite great! We hanged around with @l0k1 and @shla-rafia, after @anasya left us for Prague.

I <3 Amsterdam! I <3 SteemFest! Thanks for being there, thanks for hosting, hope to see you all wonderful people again, and hope to see more new people at SteemFest 2!

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Great pictures and great memories, @xanoxt! Safe travels and enjoy your journies.

Thank you, Eric!
That is a part of the plan! :-)

I have no doubt the plan will be executed! ; ) Take care, man!

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