Travel Drawing: Man from the Sahara

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Yesterday @sature and me spend the day with a friend from M'hamid in the Sahara. In the morning we gave water to all the plants in the garden, then we spend the day half sleeping and because of the heat always changing our spot. This drawing is a portrait of a friend who came by to bring us some water and cigarettes during the day. Later, when it was less hot, we had a walk through the old part of the village and the dunes which was really nice.


Lots of Light and Love <3


Stories A very beautiful journey with your friends in sahara.
Nice picture @yoganarchista.
Do you have a Discord I would like to ask you something

The force is with you! You got a 14.29% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @qira!

its pretty good sketching of man and his smile, when you travel near about desert then you have face some heat beside that good photography on sunset.

Really so generous pencil sketch of this man, and his smile looking so mystery but your drawing outstanding. You taken the perfect Golden hour photography that you post..

amazing art painting, I am amazed with you who so pinta, hopefully your day is fun and always successful yes, I will always support you.
I will upvote and restem

Good thing for that friend who helped them, very beautiful is the sahara

picture a cheerful man, accompanying you, between water and cigarette, you enjoy very much, @yoganarchista, ☺️

incredible calligraphy or a very good painting, upvote and resteem have me.

very cool success continue friends

talented! very nice drawing 👍♥️

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Painting the face of a very cool friend. I will share for my friends. Have fun @yoganarchista.

you draw very cool, i love this picture you are so amazing, i will restem, may you always succeed @yoganarchista