**Polaroid Diary** Artistic Photo Series by @zorang Issue #2: Sailing with the Dolphins

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Polaroid Diary by @zorang.png

Sailing with the Dolphins

Hi guys, I'm continuing my polaroid series with a new experience! A friend of mine bought a new yacht, so we made one-day sailing. It was beautiful Sunday and we had to use it.

The Captain by @zorang.png


The yacht is beautiful Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 (11,5m long). It is pleasure to sail with such an efficient and well-done boat. It has 30hp boat motor. It is pretty quiet and can easily give 6kn speed when the wind stops. Inside is very comfortable with 3 cabins, 2 toilets and full kitchen. It is perfect for 6 people.
Here are few pic:

Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 Yacht by @zorang.png

Captains view by @zorang.png

Sailing by @zorang.png

Way home by @zorang.png


Yeah, we had an awesome company! Far away from the short, a couple of dolphins joined us. Wonderful big creatures, I never had a chance to see them from the short distance. I had only the smartphone around and I have one amazing photo from close :)

Dolphins by @zorang.png


Other yachts by @zorang.png

Seascape by @zorang.png

And the season is open! I can't wait next weekend because the weather is wonderful.

Until next time, Rock on!


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hi @zorang, thank you for sharing these cool pics and your day sailing on the Adriatic sea.

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Great, thanks!

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