Travel Digest #100 ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‡

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  • Introduction

    Welcome to the 100th edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!
    As always all posts featured here will be put on our Editors Choice Map.

    Heya, @martibis here again! Can you believe we are already at our 100th #traveldigest?

    I think this is a good moment to thank all of you amazing people for supporting the map by either adding incredible travel posts to it, following our trail or delegating to us! You guys are amazing!

    I would also like to do a little shout-out to the team, without whom Steemitworldmap would be nowhere as good as it is today! Can @choogirl, @livinguktaiwan and @oroger please stand up, haha?


    #1 Puerto Princesa City Tour in a Trike!

    @junebride takes us around Puerto Princesa in the Philippines. In another amazingly well written DIY guide, we get to see all the incredible sights Princesa has to offer. From the stunning historical places like the Cathedral and Plaza Cuartel, to a more natural vibe in the Crocodile Farm and the Butterfly Garden. If that isn't enough for you yet, we also go around a Tribal Vilage, Balay Mitra and Baker's hill! On all of the places we get good information and beautiful imagery as well!

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    Author Map, Post Map

    #1 Puerto Princesa City Tour in a Trike!

    #2 Real Deal Pizza [and tasty sprouts!] at Vignette Pizzeria

    @sarahvain takes us to Vignette Pizzeria in Sebastopol, California, USA. It is very rare for us to feature reviews - but this one is of such outstanding quality, we didn't really have a choice. @sarahvain does an incredible job of telling us everything we could possibly want to know about Vignette Pizzeria. From the amount of parking space, to how the pizzas are made, or the story behind the venue. Of course she also tells us how good the food actually is! You're going to want pizza after reading this, I promise you!

    Steemit Worldmap Links:
    Author Map, Post Map

    #2 Real Deal Pizza [and tasty sprouts!] at Vignette Pizzeria

    #3 Gorgeous snowy day on Schiehallion: Mountain of the Fairies

    @natubat takes us to Schiehallion Mountain in Scotland. We get to follow along all the way from the car park to the summit, while @natubat guides us through it all narrating her own experience whilst giving us a lot of information on the mountain and the trail. From the myths of little fairies living in the numerous caves in the mountain to the - normally - tricky to cross boulder field!

    Steemit Worldmap Links:
    Author Map, Post Map

    #3 Gorgeous snowy day on Schiehallion: Mountain of the Fairies

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    Thank you for the honorable mention. I am honored.

    You are most welcome!

    Woo! 100 posts. Well done team, and thank you to everyone for all your amazing posts so we can make this happen!

    Can you believe we are at a 100 already?!

    No. But the numbers say we are, so we must be.

    Congrats @martibis, @choogirl and everyone else behind #steemitworldmap ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    Thank you! We do give our all each day again!

    congrats on your 100 travel digest and thanks for the title of honorable mentions!
    you are the best <3!

    And thank you for adding those amazing posts you make!!!

    First of all, congratulations with the 100th travel digest! Secondly, thanks a lot for mentioning my article :)

    It's really great to have a list of adventures and photostreams, so keep on posting!

    Thank you, and you are very welcome!

    We do intend to, no worries, haha!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @steemitworldmap !

    Love. Rรฉmi and Amรฉlie

    Haha, thank you @lpv!

    Much love in return from the team!

    Congrats! Hope to see many hundreds more! :)

    I think we can make that happen, haha!

    Great works peeps! Keep it up!

    Thank you SO much for including me. Really an honor to be included in #100, especially as a teeny tiny wee little minnow. Thanks also @choogirl for the encouragement. Thank you! And kudos to the other amazing work being showcased, too!

    It was well deserved, that was one amazing post you wrote!

    Has it been three months already??!! I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started, and now curating the map everyday has got so much harder because there are so many more, and fantastic posts everyday. Thanks to the team and everyone's support!

    Apparently it has been, haha!

    Right, the map is growing like crazy nowadays!

    yay thanks a lot dearest!!! please visit palawan!

    You're very welcome! And I would most definitely love too! If I end up there, I will let you know!

    Congrats! Now counting up to 200 :D

    Haha, we should organize a Steemitworldmap party every 100 days!

    Sounds like a great plan. I'm in!