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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 Hiking Creag Mhor and Beinn Heasgarnich, Scotland

First, @natubat takes us to the Scottish Highlands to climb Creag Mhor and Beinn Heasgarnich. There is little chance of running into anyone up here since people were replaced by sheep and deer a long time ago. In fact, the area is so remote you can't even get to the start of the trail without driving six miles along a single-track road first. The hike itself is almost 24.5km (15.5 miles) with a total ascent of 1436m. In winter, the bog is frozen making the trail slightly easier to navigate. However, there is much less light which negates the benefits since it's difficult to complete before dark. April therefore, is a good compromise.

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#2 Crossing the Ecuadorian/Colombian border

Next, @nameless-berk talks about the current struggles of crossing the border between Colombia and Ecuador. Waves of Venezuelan refugees flowing into the country mean waits of up to eight hours. Rather than line up with the rest of them he spends an extra night in Colombia before returning to immigration early the next morning. This was a good plan with the total process taking less than an hour. He then heads to Quito but since the bus is full of refugees, it is regularly stopped and delayed by Ecuadorian officials. Upon arrival into the capital, he learns that Quito is not all that it's cracked up to be and is keen to move on.

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#3 Chellah necropolis, Rabat, Morocco

Finally, @haydae takes us to the Chellah necropolis in Rabat, Morocco. After passing a sleeping a tour guide she enters the ruins to a sea of red and purple flowers and a hint of lilac in the air. She follows a cat to a small plaza and eventually to a platform with a view of the lush ruins of the Chellah way. Walking down the hill, she then discovers some buildings that were hidden from above. Time has done its work on this place, as black replaces ochre on the walls, mosaics are shattered, and ivy has crept into the building. When she leaves the ruins several hours later, the tour guide is still asleep in his chair.

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It’s my honor getting featured here! Thanks! 😘

That was a great post @floatinglin.

Thank you for going back in time with us... Ovideo, Asturias ... our very first For 91 Days over 7 years ago! Congrats to everyone who got featured here!

Oh nice! Seven years of blogging explains why your posts are always so professional looking.

But this also explains why our very first travel blog (Asturias) is not on the same level. :)

Congratulations @for91days and thanks for mentioning me @steemitworldmap

Thanks so much for featuring my post in your wonderful digest! I love your summary of it too.

Thanks and you're welcome. Your hike looked cool. And hard.

Thanks for the mention, always an honor to be selected when there is so much excellent content for you to pick from.
I always enjoy reading these, even if I'm not in them.
Amazing post every time!

It's funny to read your takeaway from my post, heh. And thanks for featuring!

The joys of summarising!

That world map really is starting to fill up quite nicely :)

Well, people do pin a lot of crap to it, which is why we have the editor's choice map as well.

I've noticed that :) But its still cool to see the whole world map starting to get covered.. its a nice indication of how global steemit and it's users are.

Thank you! Even 2 posts on this list. Almost makes me blush ☺️
Way to many cool places are posted again. Keep 'm coming people!

Lol. You're welcome!

thanks @choogirl for the honorable mention!

You're welcome!

wow super post photographay excellent taging

I like looking at these travel lists, even if I won’t go to most of these places, I can still imagine them in my mind. The world is so amazing <3.


Great finds @choo! Love what Steemit world map does, such a great way to find the best location/travel posts from around the world. Great initiative, keep it up :)

Thank you for featuring us on the travel digest ! It's really cool to be featured among all this other great posts !

Thanks for the mention guys! Much appreciated :-)

You're welcome!

Hello! Thank you so much for such an honor!)) I'm very pleased))) I wish you a nice day of excellent mood))

You're welcome. I hope you are in an excellent mood too.

Thank you for mentioning me, I was very happy to be one of the Honorable Mentions!!! And congratulations on all your work!

Thanks for another interesting #traveldigest edition @steemitworldmap I love being taken to the four corners of the world via these great blogs.

Love this selection. That hiking scenery from @natubat is gorgeous

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