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Heya all, @martibis here with another edition of #traveldigest! We know quite a few people reading the digest have offered to help out, thanks for that! The time has come we can use an extra person to strengthen our team! We're happy to announce @nameless-berk will now be helping out around here as well!

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Travel Digest

#1 Expedition to Mount Kazbek: Prelude & day 1

@ctdots takes us on an expedition to Mount Kazbek, Georgia. It isn't the first time @ctdots tries to scale this peak, the first time he didn't make it to the top and ended up in some very dangerous situations. It's a harsh trip to make - well worth it - but difficult. While we don't know yet if @ctdots will manage to scale the mountain this time, we get taken a long his first day in Georgia again.

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#2 Cassidy Arch (Capitol Reef National Park)

@daveonarrival takes us to the Capitor Reef National Park in Utah, USA. This park is filled with stunning cliffs and mountains in a desert area, with its most famous attraction being the Cassidy Arch (named after the famous outlaw). While not the easiest hike, it is well worth it and will leave you with one amazing view after another.

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#3 Trip to the Nephrite Lakes, Uzbekistan

@damm-steemit takes us to the Nephrite Lakes in Uzbekistan. After a tiring drive, the surrounding mountains show themselves through the morning mist. With the car having its fair share of issues, it takes a while before the hike to the lakes can start. After coming face to face with the incredible beauty of the lakes all road issues are pretty much forgotten though!

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Hi @steemitworldmap, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I found out that @damn-steemit doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

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maybe a typo? i seen it too


Thank you, it is great to be featured among so many great posts. This platform helps to open up so many interesting places.

It's always a pleasure to read your posts, super strong content!

thank you, your words means a lot to me!:)

Hey, thanks for the feature. Loved my time in Utah.

You're welcome! Enjoying your vlogs a lot here!

Hey, thanks for the feature. Loved my time in Utah.

@steemitworldmap, why dont you vote for the posts that use your map services? ive noted you just comment unlike other service and witnesses who appreciate the people using or recognizing their work with a vote. lol

Today we have 23 posts on our #traveldigest and more or less the same amount every day. We upvote each and every one of these post that make it on to our daily #traveldigest. This is probably more than some of the other curation projects. Anyone can pin their post to the #steemitworldmap and the service is free of charge for users. At the moment, each day we have hundreds of posts that are pinned to our map, but we simply cannot afford to upvote every one of them particularly when some of them are not travel related at all. Hope this explains everything.

Very well written and informative article!

Thanks for your mentioning and for your job sharing travel posts!!!

You're welcome, and it's absolutely our pleasure!

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