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Travel Digest

#1 My Georgian Diary. Day 6/7 - Part 2 - Gveleti Waterfall by @zirochka

Thus, we followed the dirt road. The trail is well marked, and you'd not get lost as (well, it's easy to guess) you go upstream along the river all the time. Some recourse on the net said that it woukd take1 hour return way to both waterfalls, but … well, if you concentrate on the time, it is possible. But in slow pace, taking pictures and just having fun it took us an hour for only big one.
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#2 TacoCat’s Travels (Finland) #24: Savouring Savonlinna! by

Like Mikkeli, Savonlinna is located within Finland's Lakeland region, and it's actually in the heart of Lake Saimaa - Finland's largest lake. Savonlinna is a beautiful and lively city of around 35,000people in Eastern Finland. The Finnish name of the town means "Castle of Savonia" and the Swedish name means "New Castle".
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#3 Exploring mesmerising cenote Yax Kin by @liltammy

Cenote Yax Kin is a beautiful cenote with crystalclear waters. It is located between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum in the Riviera Maya. The cenote is a recently open cenote to the public. It is well landscaped and a nice place to spend an afternoon. Since it is lessknown and a little further away, you will find more locals here then tourists.
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Beautiful post and good pictures :) The water looks really charming. Fantastic thanks for sharing :)

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