Adventure life always dedicated to Travel. Kirtinasha River at Barisal, Bangladesh (04-02-2020

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Adventure life always dedicated to Travel. Kirtinasha River at Barisal, Bangladesh (04-02-2020

Hey what's up my all friends?

hope you are okay and also i so fine

Hope you are okay and also i am so fine. Some day's i was visited at Kuakata,Barisal with my girl friends we are stayed kuakata only one day we are rent a hotel room and share together. After that night we are going to kukata aquarium Museum and enjoying lots of moment with together and i took some gorgeous aquarium photography. And also you know that i am using steemit about 1 months and i find out @travelfeed platform so i searching @travelfeed another vlog and i decided i create one vlog about my travelling experience with my friends and share with you also than start to make this post...

This photo taken me @ahmani47 this photography location is my hotel rooftop outside views.its so colorful before evening time, when i was going to rooftop to enjoy evening environment with my girl friends Than i captured all photography. Hope you enjoy my all photos

Green views from rooftop captured it. I am impressed to see this green view with tree.. Hope like also..

Visit kuakata Aquarium museum

only one day we are staying kuakata and we are si quickly visiting kuakata Museum. And i seen this aquarium with a lots of fish but unfortunately i DON'T know what name this fish.but i dont miss to captured this amazing fish photography. So lets start to uncover this fish photography with you..

This all photography captured by my phone GalaxyNote5 and all photography original content credit goes to me @ahmanik47.

This all About my today's @travefeed vlog hope you are enjoying my all photography. At least one word for you travelling here and there and enjoying your world....

This my #originalcontent thanks for @ocd@ocdb and @curangel for always support the original content) Read my word and Enjoy my shot. After this I will share my post on my twitter here @ahmanikdu47 please let #steemonboarding like @anomadsoul recomendation.

My name is Abul Hasanat Manik. I am from Dhaka,Bangladesh.its a north asian Country. my steemit name is @ahmanik47 i was start my steemit journey from September 2019. I am a student of dhaka University. now i am studying M.A (Masters Of Arts). I am always try to make gorgeous photography vlog and also try to make video vlog in this here. I couldn’t able to lots of time in here but i stock my everyday some hours for steemit.

Why have i join on steemt?

Steemit is a great platform to make vlogging.Any kind of vlog as you like you can create and also you can post on this platform. Like as photography,travelling, article,blockchain and cryptocurrency etc.when i was started my steemit journey this time i was working so heart and soul to shine my image in this platform. When i see if i make Vlog and get lots of reward from this place than i was so inspired to join it.

Honestly i tell you that i am a student so i need money to bear my study expense. So i was search lots of platform where can i earn a lots Money and lead my life.finally i find out this @steemit platform and also join.and earn some reward by writing vlog not only reward but also done make a good community with some steemian.

If you like my photography Please upvote comment and Resteem my vlog and also follow me..

Every man or women try to always truth word but sometimes its not able to maintain. so if your thinking possitive you will gain possitive things otherwise negative wilk be come in your life.

Lets 3Truth and 1 lie express time


1)i am Completed Honours and continue my masterd Degree?

i was completed my honours degree From University of dhaka and now continue my masters degree hope within this year i will able to successfully complete my masters degree. i was completed ssc in 2011, Hsc completed 2013 and also completed Honours last year thats 2018. I am so happy to successfully my honours with CGPA-3.43( out of -4) its internationally standard First class.hope to bright future wait for me.

2)my thoughtfulness and cleverness is so sharp?

Yes, its my empowerment to lead my life. When i think one things i am so quickly find out this up to bottom. I Don't fear any things always have with truth and good movement. If one person tell me lie when i understand that he wrong with me i instantly obstacle its my strong sharpness.

3)always respect parents and elder person?

Obviously i am so conscious about this things. Always try to respect my parents to care and nursing them. And also respect who are my elder. Its my one kind of passion. My parents at very first time to teach me about this things.

4)can i drive motorcycle?

No, i Don't know how to drive motorcycle but i will try to learn how drive it. My elder brother know drive motorcycle so i learn it from my brother when i will free and right time come.

Member of @bdcommunity @bdvoter @steemitb

every people should earn some Reward for lead his life. We are self Reliance community and try to make good understanding with other community.also @innerblocks building our-self and themselves.

If you are like my photography Please upvote comment share with resteemed and also follow me...

Thanks for your time

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