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Good day,

Let us talk about travel, I know every one of us as love travel all around the world to witness the beautiful views of each continent. We know that a lot of choices to visit we can't decide which part on earth we want to visit because of too many choices am I right? correct me if I'm wrong Yes! I admit it, I experience those decisions too.

Earlier after visiting the Camp Danao Forest Part Located at Maasin City. My office mate decided to continue our tour until midnight and we agreed too.

So from Camp Danao Forest to Tacloban City, Philippines. It is not easy to access to call transport because we are in Maasin City so easy for us to call a v-hire. Ten of us are fit to the v-hire.

While in the middle of the road we saw a jeep with fully-loaded passengers what dangerous positions to the passengers especially they are all in hanging at the back and in the top also hehe **WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINES.**

The very funny passengers, and the jeep driver too why he let those passengers hanging at the back of the jeep and why the driver keep on picking passenger he knows that the jeep is loaded hehe.

Okay back from the start after the Camp Danao Forest were going to Tacloban City, Philippines. This was the road trip start to out of the City going to the place we want to visit. An old lady collecting some wood to use for a cook. Actually here in the Philippines, we use the native cook in ironwood but some rich people are not using these because they can afford to buy a price gas.

Rainy days huh, but we are not worrying because we love to test our road trip while catching seminars at Tacloban City, Philippines. As you can see lots of repair roads ahead for the safety of the travelers.

Bridge under repair so be aware travelers and also the drivers keep your passenger safe so we arrived in one peace safe and sound.

Heads up If you are a new traveler, you need to mark any signboards you see and knowing which way you go so you can mark down your way to the place you want to go. This is a friendly tip I know that all of you are not a beginner in terms of traveling.A n

A new construction bridge. Soon to open they say that that bridge is a short cut or they called a diversion road.

Welcome to Bato Dry Market. The V-hire dropping by to there perspective station to monitor the new passengers. This is how the institution here when it comes to to the transport and after a minute the v-hire starts the engine we are going to the place we want to be.

We are halfway to Tacloban City. We are all excited hehe... But before that look what we have found a wide rice field and a live volcano. We are all amazed and say Wow what a view and the rain is stopping and the sun came out very perfect to arrive in the City.

Finally, we are in Tacloban City just dropping by to the Regional head Quater Office Region 8. Glad that we arrive safe and sound. We are so happy and thankful because we are safe to thank you Lord for the guidance in the road even if earlier we encounter heavy rains but you will never keep away your eyes to us keep safe everyone!

Wait there's more hehe I saw the dog watching taking the photo very impressive body see you in the next adventure I hope we will see you in the next season bye and have a nice day!

# Thank you

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