📍- Buscay Beach Resort(Tatay Ade)🏖🌅🌊🌴🌤 Buscayan, Macrohon, Southern Leyte

📍- Buscay Beach Resort(Tatay Ade)🏖🌅🌊🌴🌤 Buscayan, Macrohon, Southern Leyte

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Relax...unwind... get in a beach state of mind. Here at Buscayan Beach Reroty (Tatay Ade) Located at Buscayan, Macrohon, Southern Leyte. There you can see white sand and natural views while enjoying our lives.

# People where do you get your 5 pesos?

🚗 - more or less 3 hours travel time from Tacloban City to Macrohon Southern Leyte. (Depending on the speed of the vehicle😁😁) and 5 minutes from Mohon, Macrohon, Southern Leyte my place.

🌴 - Entrance Fee: Only 5 pesos each person

🏠 - Cottages:

Ranges to- 200 pesos (small cottage) to 400 pesos (big cottage for 20 people)

🏖 - The Beach

➡️ Clean beach (pretty much just seaweeds in the Shore)😁😅

➡️ Clearwater

➡️ White sand

➡️ 10 to 20 meters from the highway

➡️ They have available cottages for overnight (I just don't know the rate, I just don't ask. hehe just because we use camping tent. 😁😁)

➡️ there is electricity( yes! it does so no need to panic😂😂)

🍽 - Food:
They have no food there so bring your own food (so we can save more)😅 and no cottage.

Just take a look at how beautiful the place is, and the weather perfect for surfing. This is amazing and perfect for summer next summer season.

Lots of tourists visit the place especially family bonding nor different occasions.

🚽 - May comfort rooms, clean and watery. 🔥 - There is also an area to cook for with food to cook.

The coconut trees. The owner of the beach maintains the coconut out of fruit for security purposes. Did you notice there is no fruit in the coconut trees because last year I forgot what year but unexpected accident a 21 years old boy died coast of falling the coconut fruit?. So that is why the owner decided to get rid of all coconut trees.

Honestly, I love the place because they maintain natural views.

Here the other side of the beach, there you can see the rocky seawater. Very dangerous to swim this side, not because of the sea but is because of the sharp rock. The lifeguard advice not to swim this part, but you can take a picture there whatever you like you can go top on the rock nor down while the waves waving and reading for the photographer.

The overview of the Tatay Adi Beach Resort. What do you think? it is perfect for the upcoming summer right. So what are you waiting to come to visit Macrohon, Southern Leyte, Philippines?. For more info, you can directly DM me on my discord channel

For now, the beach is under maintenance again because of lots of seaweeds on the shore due to the weather. So they plan to clear all the seaweeds before the summer coming.

I ask the owner for this coming season to be prepared because lots of tourists are coming to see the beautiful white beach including me and my family also hehe.

So before I end or leave the place I am filling the stone semble or sign that I am here. And that stone is meaningful to my life that is why I make that sign for infinity or my journey while I am still breathing and alive hehe. I really love to make my own history in the world I live and each one of us is a dream to reach our goal or we called unachievement to success while we are still alive.

And this is my third travelfeed ends with Macrohonanon with love.

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!.

God is good all the time!

# Thank you

Image credit @thekittygirl

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Hi @chrismadcboy2016

Wow I definitely think you had a great time in that beautiful and beautiful place, the photographs speak for themselves to see that blue sea and that white sand.

I wish for a year as extensive as that beach, happy year 2020

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Thank you so much @project.hope especially @lanzjoseg.

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