Exploring The World Of Wonders, Welcome To The Philippines

Exploring The World Of Wonders, Welcome To The Philippines

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Every little thing in the world we wanted to know it is not because of a kind of ego bu its part of our life to know something new in the world.

So as you can see is a road to remember, yes because every time when you see a thing or a beautiful place of each continent we live there is a memorable meaning that remains to our heart and minds that we can say I am here before and I made a lot of happiness.

That is why I write this content to show that we are not left behind in the world of wonders, because of every single time of our life we wanted to spend while we are living the world.

Last December 21, 2019, Saturday my office invited me to join their rides. This team is very productive they love strolling around the globe especially to the mountains. Earlier around 8:00 AM in the morning my office mate phone call me and said hey! Chris, you want to join our whereabouts? And I said where! my friend said were going on a trip were going to visit the beautiful Happy Farm Located at the Barangay Bagong-Silang, Macrohon, Southern Leyte. There we can see a lot of different plants and vegetables and most of all the wonderful views. And I quickly decided to say Yes!.

The Start. Actually, before the construction of the road, it is not easy to access this road and we are thankful to our provincial government because they established this road to access to there respected Barangays. Anyway, just take a look who is the first bike showed haha the person that always nagging/who quorum this journey no other than my office mate and friend Joanna.

The black jacket with yellow, she is the head of the trip last week. Ok, back to the road while driving my I ask my back passenger to take a photo while the event progressing because in that case, the thrill is there.

I know very dangerous if you don't know the road especially rainy days. As you can see the right side of the mountain when it comes to the heavy rain the landslide into the road. This is a big risk to the community before this road is not concrete because of the slippery road due to the muddy and the rains.

And all the products from farm to market road are damage due to the road condition But after the road concreting all the hardest way, now is an easy way to access from farm to market road and especially to our students and the community living of there respected Barangays.

Now we are in the middle of our whereabouts hehe I think we need to take a rest because my arm aching to control and bike and the weight. Wow! just take a look at how wonderful were on the top of the world.

By the way, the common livelihood here is we called Habal-Habal. Habal-Habal is transportation to the community whereas all the visitors can take Habal-Habal to go anywhere the passenger wanted to go. And the fair depends on what Baragays you want to visit.

The long way Barangay is Bagong-Silang which is that listed to our whereabouts. You can ride a Habal-Habal cost you 35 pesos per passenger and the capacity of the Habal-Habal is seven including the driver. But if you have a lot of things you can ride but all your staff charges the same fair of a passenger.

Finally, we're in the Happy Farm at Danao, Macrohon, Southern Leyte. All post and make your self comfortable while we are staying the whole day on the farm.

We are so thankful because our rides are safe and sound. We thank you Lord for the wonderful day you give to us especially the safety while we are driving to the place we want to go. Thank you so much and we are so happy because we are all safe.

Seeing the wonders of the world is very important because seeing beautiful places can ease all the pains and sad feelings were carrying.

And this is my second world travel expedition and I hope I the future I will visit more.

The plan for the next event!

We are planning to visit Cambaro Cave, Located at Barangay Cambaro, Macrohon, Southern Leyte. See you soon everyone!

# Thank you

Image credit @thekittygirl

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Nice garden and the mountain view is wonderful! It looks refreshing and peaceful. ;)

Yes, @tangmo a lot of beautiful views and wonders herein Philippines.

That's great! ^_^

Yes, you can visit their website visitmacrohon lgumacrohon facebook page there you can see lot of views.

Thanks so much for providing me their website. ;)

Most welcome @tangmo my pleasure.

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