Those stairs were really cool!

We don't get snow or ice here in Adelaide...

One day hopefully I can make a trip abroad to travel and explore outside Australia :)

#vitaminsea #mytravelguide #mactime

That's sad - snow is so fun! 😔
Can't wait for that trip of yours! 😊

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-20C wow I have never experienced that but I would like to go to cold countries especially for the snow. Those frozen stabilopods look awesome like they were ice rocks that were just formed that way. So cool!

Indeed :D
Cold times are fun if you know how to enjoy the weather. But I still prefer summer haha

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Ok, it's time to admit I miss Steemit :)
You did an awesome job with this post! Keep up the good work, Gabriela! 💙

It's time to admit I miss @ananuaremere!

great pictures ! keep up the good content :)

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Wow! awesome Place! Amazing Pictures! That must be an Awesome trip !

It definitely was. :)

Cool stairs!! The frozen sea is pretty cool looking and so is the casino place! I also like the look of the french fries!! Mcds has some tasty fries here too. Yum. Thanks for sharing your cool (cold) journey and some great pics. It looks like an amazing place to visit.

Yeah seeing the sea in that time of the year is really fascinating 😊
I agree. McDonald's has the best (unhealthy) food ever, lol
Thanks for taking your time and stop by 💕

Looks like it was a wonderful trip! I don't blame you for wanting to see the sea frozen - that's awesome! The frozen bits of the sea on the railings look great too! :) Thanks for sharing these...

Yep it was a great experience :)
Thanks for stopping by! :D

Awesome travel post @gabrielatravels, must be quite a sight seeing the Casino encrusted in ice! I need Vitamin SEA all the time, love the sea, fortunately live close to the sea as well ;)

Yeah it's a beautiful view to see such place surrounded by snow and ice :D
Ah, you must enjoy these views as well then! :)

We have to drive to see the ocean properly, we're about 10km from it:)

still better than 400 km haha (my situation)

that casino just screams photograph meee, photograph meee. Great old building on a really interesting place.

Hahaha. You are right. It's the most photographed building in town :D

Great story and wonderful photos!

Thank you, Adam! :)

Greattt place!!! better in winter i thought
I didnt know there were so cold places in Romania! you are "selling" well your country!
Just.. eyy McDonals in your own country? McDonals is just for another country and when kitchen is closed in the other restaurants! :-)

Haha, it was just the best way to eat something fast before starting the real adventure :)