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RE: A dream came true: The Magical Aurora Borealis

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Hello, it looks like hou have been on the same place as I was in my post today. Ersfjord outside of Tromsø, when i hiked up the mountain Buren i thought it could be a great place to get pictures of the northern light. Great fun to see your pictures. Nice work 👍🏻

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Thank you, @harkar! It was a great location indeed! :)
If I happen to get back there again, I would go down to the village at the coast and capture more Aurora reflections. I did that few months later in Iceland and Aurora reflections are really something extraterrestrial :)

I will keep that in my mind👍🏻I have a daughter on university, maybe I will check it out during the winter.

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Great! :) Please tag me when you post the photos so I don't miss seeing them ;)
Good luck to your daughter, mine is also in university :)))

I will, (followed you if I forged)

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