Nature scenes and waterfall photography around the mountainous region

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The Creator has made our world very beautiful and has created some of the more fascinating views of this world and from this nature we are all coming from time to time and from time to time for various benefits. As a world on earth, we humans have the benefit of utilizing this national nature, so it is our responsibility to protect this nature and maintain the beauty of nature.

One of the most interesting aspects of the hill is the beautiful waterfall, and most people travel to the mountainous region to see the beautiful waterfall, and most of the waterfall is in the mountainous region and these waterfalls are usually in the hills. And this mountainous area always keeps all the trees fresh in the waterfall. people living in the hills are very dependent on these waterfalls and their daily activities are waterfalls and they drink waterfalls and they do farming with the waterfalls.And this mountain waterfall has been used by people in the hill country for ages.!!

There are different types of trees in the hilly areas, different types of leaves have different leaves, but most of the trees in the hilly areas are in good shape and such beautiful shaped leaves can only be seen on the hills or on the trip.

I like to see the leaves of this flower, so I have decorated the leaves on these trees, I do not know what the leaves of this tree are, but it is very nice to see the leaves and many of the leaves are lying on the ground.

Reservoirs There are numerous national reservoirs in the mountainous region and most of these reservoirs are waterfalls, so these reservoirs are very clear to see. And these reservoirs are spread far and wide in the mountains,

There are many people in the world who love to travel in the mountains, and winter is the perfect time to travel in the mountains because it is very difficult to travel in the mountains and because it is the best in the mountains. Region, so most people travel to mountainous areas in winter !!

Also the mountainous region looks more beautiful and attractive during winter. And, when traveling in the hills, there are many types of mountains that vary across the hills. Some hills in my hill country are seen day by day. Extinction.!!

These peaks are numerous in the highlands, and there are different types of shrubs in the hills, such as small to medium-sized, but large and medium woodlands are terrific and these cliffs are usually formed by natural waterfalls. !!

Most of the highlands are high and these streams are flowing into mountain water or rainwater and rivers and sea or any reservoir. Most of the reservoirs are in the waterfall, hence the water. The reservoir is very clean and transparent,

Without me, they go to the mountains to bathe in this beautiful clear water, and naturally many types of fish are born in these reservoirs, and most of the anime in the hills drink water from these reservoirs. The leaves will grow again, the hills will become more beautiful green !!

There are many types of trees in hilly areas and these trees are very tall and different types of trees are in hilly areas. We do not know the names of all types of trees in the mountains and for the most part the trees in the mountainous region are naturally born at the top of the mountain. Most people on this earth love to travel in the mountains or in the mountains A green nature frees people nd and through these rows of trees people make way for traveling in the mountains !!

I like to see the beauty of nature and the unique view of nature so I can spend time enjoying the beauty of nature in the sights of our region and there are many people who like to see the beauty of nature, they enjoy the beauty of nature with different sights of time.Get out.!!

From today, tomorrow I will bring you new photography and new posts by Antoji. If you like my photography and my posts then of course you will upvote for me !!

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