Carmelite Monastery ( A Place to worship )

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Carmelite Monastery is located at Lacson Street Barangay Mandalan Bacolod City Negros Occidental. The said Monastery is a place where you can find some sacred relics like the chalice of Pope John Paul the II, remains of saints like St. Therese.

Carmelite is known in Bacolod as one of the miraculous places. Where religious people of Bacolod and devotee of St. Therese are visiting the monastery asking for guidance, seeking protection and most are asking for healing.

I can testify how miraculous is the Carmelite Monastery including the testimony from some of my friends. When God answered our prayers and grant our wishes in a matter of time.

The Monastery is an enclosed area with 14 feet concrete walls and two available tall gates one for entrance and a separate one for exit.

Mass schedules are posted outside ahead of time or you can ask the security guard if you want to enter the monastery.

Upon entering the church you will notice the heavenly design of the ceiling. Where the color blue and white dominate the whole interior designs.

The floor is made of well-polished marbles with combination color of maroon, beige, ash grey, and off-white. The solid wooden seats can accommodate up to 10 people per column. Then the installed wall fans are fastened on each post enough to circulate the temperature inside with the help of air coming from outside that enters on each widens side doors.


The platform of the main altar where priest and ministers are declaring the word of GOD is made of white marbles. Then set of sculptures are fastened on the walls facing the people during mass and as you look up you will see the concave ceiling above the altar. Which is different from other churches here in Bacolod because of its simplicity without hanging chandeliers. Still, the cloudy designs of the ceiling are enough to appreciate the beauty of the church.


At the back, there are stairs made of marbles going to the Belvedere or veranda where chorale members and musical instruments occupy the place during the mass.

Then elevated hanging sculpture of Saints are visible in both sides of the altar like St. Therese.





The holy water glass holders are available in each corner and no need for you to find it during the mass. Because you can easily see it upon entering the doors.


At the right side of the church, there is a mini garden with Nipa Hut. Where you can only sit here before and after the mass. Means no one is allowed to be here during the ongoing mass.

There are a bunch of plants growing in pots and some are planted on the ground beside the palm trees. The gardener of the Monastery maintained the cleanliness of the garden, well-trimmed lawns and seems watering the plants is evident the way how it looks.


The 10 feet solid wood swing doors are well preserved as I noticed that wood is treated, coated with wood stains and top coated with matte lacquer to protect the wood from moisture. That can withstand to heat from the direct sunlight and water resistant.

Based on my observations I guess the door is made of Narra or Camagong wood. Then the 10 inches two heavy duty hinges that hold the door are installed perfectly and properly lubricated to avoid squeaky sounds.

For intentional prayers or Rosary, this room is open for devotee where they can lit a candle during their devotion.

Some people left their offerings together with prayer intention notes like what I did before. Then the table is visible outside where you can see a dozen eggs, loaf bread, and a basket filled with empty sheets for you to write on your intentions.


This Petitions and offering box is fastened on the wall beside the table for offerings. Where people can also drop their prayer intentions to secure it from wind blows.


Little Garden of St. Therese

Throughout her life St. Therese would use the symbolism of flowers to express her thoughts. May this garden lovingly crafted to commemorate the visit of her relic to Carmel on 14 March 2000 help us to remember her thoughts and allow them to blossom in our hearts.


St. Therese of the child Jesus

St. Therese of Lisieux The Little Flower

St. Therese of Lisieux is one of the most popular Catholic saints since Apostolic times. As a Doctor of the Church, she is the subject of much theological comment and study. And, as an appealing woman whose message has touched the lives of millions, she remains the focus of much popular devotion.

Date of Birth : January 02, 1873
Birthplace : Alencon, France
Died : September 30, 1897
Age : 24


Therese was born in Alencon, France. She was the youngest of nine children. However, only five of these children lived to reach adulthood.


When Therese was four years old her mother, Zelle died of breast cancer.


Therese enters the school at Notre-Dame du Pre-Abbey ( Benedictine sisters ) As a half-boarder.


Therese journeyed to see Pope Leo XIII in Rome. During a general audience with the Pope, Therese asked him to let her enter the Carmelite order.


Therese became a Postulant at the age of 15 in the Carmelite order and joined to of her older sisters in the Carmelite community in Lisieux.


Therese becomes a novice.


Therese makes her full profession in the Carmelite order.


Therese's Father Died


On April 03, in the night between Holy Thursday and Good Friday. She suffered a hemoptysis ( coughing of blood, consistent with tuberculosis ) the first sign of the illness which would lead to her death.


Therese Died at young age of 24


Her autobiography the " Story of a Soul " was published.


Therese was canonized by Pope Plus XI


On 19th of October Therese was declared a Doctor of the Universal Church by Pope John Paul II

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