City of of Smiles celebrates the 39th Masskara Festival ( The Highlights )

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Yesterday the City of Smiles celebrated the 39th Masskara Festival Highlights at the downtown area of Bacolod. Where streets are filled with colorful Masskara dancers wearing glamorous festive costumes.
People of Bacolod are also joining to the beat of the intensified music together with the foreign visitors around the globe. The festivity goes well when the sun conquers the day. Because usually during highlights rain suddenly drops at the middle of the celebration.

The assembly area is at Lupit street and all participants should be there 2 hours before the street dance will start. Each contestant has their allocated spots according to sequence. Which is organized by event coordinators to make sure that everything is in the proper place.

Before the street dancing started at exactly 3:00 PM I went to the assembly area to see what's happening during the preparation. At the same time, I want to take several photos for each participant.





There's a lot of people coming to this area for them to take photos together with the Masskara dancers. Because during the street dancing no one is allowed to step inside when the competition begins. Then judges are very strict when it comes to the ongoing production.

To be honest the heat of the sun is unbearable yet I chose to ignore even sweat are spontaneously secreting all over my body. I only imagine how these participants able to tolerate the burning heat from direct sunlight while wearing huge masks and non-well ventilated costumes. So no reason for me to complain as long as I have enough water inside my bag to keep me hydrated.



After I took several photos from the assembly area I decided to proceed at Araneta Street. Where Tons of people waiting for the Street Dancing competition. That started at exactly 3:00 PM after the countdown and all sound systems are synchronized that plays the same music during the event.

I chose not to stay in one area because I want to take videos during the street dancing. I want a video where dancers are facing on the lens of my phone camera. Then enough distance from the sound system because of the sound waves that tickles my ear and makes me feel hungry every time the sound bounces to my stomach.




Being short is my disadvantage during the street dancing because I cannot see the dancers most of the time. Instead, I stood like a ballerina using my toes and extending my arm higher while holding my camera. Actually, my feet are hurt so bad today and it seems that I went to a 10 hours mountain trekking.

I have some videos during the street dancing and I uploaded it already on my Youtube channel. These videos are different from the Arena competition where you can see the full sequence of the performance.

Performers Masks and Costumes

These mask's and costumes are the final attire of each contender from Elementary, HighSchool, and Brgy. Category. All of them are displayed within Robinson's Place Bacolod vicinity. I took these images earlier in the morning before the streets are closed for street dancing competition.








Yesterday is one of the best and successful events in Bacolod City as we celebrated the 39th Masskara Festival. Where festivity purpose is to prove to everyone that Bacolod City is a place where people are happy, loving, caring, smiling, enthusiast, hospitable, religious, and resilient. Then to show how we love our land and how we can bring happiness to both locals of Bacolod including our visitors. We make sure that this event like " Masskara Festival " will satisfy everyone and go home with a big smile on their faces.

The images/videos was originally taken using my mobile phone and I uploaded the videos to my YouTube using my own account

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This is so beautiful and colorful, @jezmacher. It reminds me of the brazilian carnival with all the colors, dance, music, happiness.

Thanks for sharing.

So beautiful @mrprofessor... The colorful costumes feed my both eyes and those smiling masks made me smile though.. Thanks

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